Starting my OpenMRS journey as Community Management Fellow πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Hi everyone,

I am Nikesh Balami, an open data advocate and tech researcher based in Nepal. In my day job, I work for Open Knowledge Nepal, a civic tech organisation working in the field of open data with a focus on developing quality data sources and solutions for civic tech projects.

Super glad, a bit nervous, and very excited to start as OpenMRS Community Management Fellow 2022. Super glad because I landed on the fellowship opportunity while working on the research project and got selected; a bit nervous because I am very new to the community; but very excited because I can’t wait to explore what is in the bag for me.

Joined the fellowship onboarding in May but haven’t been able to start formally due to travel and personal commitment but finally :handshake: marking June as an official start. Many thanks to my mentor @jennifer for helping me with onboarding and guiding me through the process :pray:. Also thanks to @christine for all the support and looking forward to working with you closely.

As the title suggests β€œCommunity Management”, during my fellowship I aim to work closely with the OpenMRS community and dedicate my time for coordination, communication, and collaborations.

I plan to utilize my first month as a getting started month, where I look forward

  • To learn more about the community by reading, listening, and attending meetings to get a better sense of the community.
  • Communicate with fellows to help them with frequent check-ins.
  • Host an open house to bring fellows to share their progress, experiences, and explore synergies.

Many thanks to OpenMRS for this wonderful opportunity.

Nikesh Balami


Congrats, Happy to see you ,Best of Luck :+1:

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Thank you so much @sharif, excited and looking forward!

A huge welcome to you Nikesh. I have already seen your posts in the Fellowship classrooms and they were helpful for me as well :slight_smile: Welcome :bouquet:

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Thank you so much @grace :grinning:

Catching up: my first month

Reflecting back on the first month of my fellowship; started it with a nervous feeling but ended it with much confidence. Glad that I marked the first month as a β€œgetting started month”.

Looking back first-month engagement :man_technologist:

  • Slowly increasing the engagement with fellows: As I stated to get a better sense of the community, have been slowly increasing the engagement with fellows. Doing it by sending out the frequent reminders of activities at Google Classroom and Slack so that we can keep everyone onboarded. Also, helping them schedule check-ins call to share updates. The plan is to build synergies between fellows and make sure they feel connected.
  • Attending operation and events calls: Have been attending the weekly calls of Operation and Global Events with @jennifer and @christine, which is helping me understand what types of events are coming up. Looking forward to supporting in all possible ways to help with the upcoming hackathons and implementor conference.
  • Planning β€œFellowship All Hands”: To build synergies and bring fellows into the same room, we have finalized the concept of Fellowship All Hands. The date, time, objectives, and agenda have been all set. Working on some final preparation.
  • Brainstorming the update of dev stages: Have started brainstorming a few ideas on how we can update the dev stages with action orientation key descriptions, which will help in the professional development. The work will be continued in next month.
  • OpenMRS personas: Some initial work around the concept of OpenMRS Community Personas shared by @jennifer, but much of the work is yet to be done state. Will be continued in next month.

What’s in the bag for next month? :school_satchel:

  • Continue working with fellow and help them with anything in all the ways possible.
  • Host Fellowship All Hands and bring fellows into the same room.
  • Provide support to update of dev stages.
  • Dive deep into OpenMRS personas.

Looking forward to the exciting July!