2023 OpenMRS Fellowship: Now Accepting Organization Application

Dear everyone,

We are excited to announce that application for the organization interested in being part of the 2023 OpenMRS Fellowship is now open!

There are several ways for organizations to engage with the OpenMRS Fellowship Program. Through organization rotations, an organization can choose to:

  • Host a Fellow or Rotation. Do you have a project that might align with a Fellow’s area of focus and fellowship plan? Are you open to having a Fellow engage with your team for a few months? Consider proposing a capstone project or a rotation and host a fellow.
  • Support a Mentor or Fellow. Is someone in your organization interested in becoming an OpenMRS Fellow? Do you have a talented, experienced staff member who is willing to mentor an OpenMRS Fellow? Consider supporting their participation as a Mentor or a Fellow.

Organization rotations aim to give fellows an opportunity to a) gain experience collaborating with other OpenMRS developers in community settings and b) apply knowledge & skills gained during their fellowship to real-life OpenMRS development and deployment situations. It exposes organizations to community products, frameworks, processes, and/or practices that they might extend and adapt.

Organizational rotations can be 5 - 6 months long and may overlap with the final months of a fellow’s core fellowship period.

See Organization Rotation and Fellowship Program Rules for more information.

Organizations can complete the Organization Application form if they are interested in supporting any of the above-mentioned activities.

Thank you!


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