Spiking on removing deprecated methods in the API for Platform 2.0

Continuing the discussion from Volunteer to be the Point of Contact for Platform 2.0 Release:

We need someone to volunteer to spike on this – i.e., take a day or two to try out removing all deprecated methods from the API and see if they can get the Reference Application running and, if not, enumerating the issues.

Update 2015-10-05: @dkayiwa will spike on removing deprecated methods.



As we discussed, the goal of this spike is to understand how much work is needed to remove all of the deprecated methods. These are the types of questions that would be great to answer soon:

  • Are we making any calls to deprecated methods in the platform itself?
    • When you compile the platform, are there any messages about deprecated method calls? These would be priority fixes.
    • When you compile platform modules (serialization, REST & FHIR web services), are there any mesages about deprecated method calls? These would be the next highest priority.
    • Looking at all the modules in the Reference Application (compiling locally or perhaps by searching logs on CI builds), are there any message about deprecated method calls? If so, about how many and for which modules?
  • Is there an easy (e.g., tool or script) way to remove deprecated methods in the code?