Tickets for Platform 2.0. Pick one for a good cause!

Hi OpenMRS Dev’s

I’m super excited to announce the we have shortlisted the tickets that will be included in Platform 2.0 which is scheduled to be released this November, right before the OpenMRS Summit in December. Lot’s of cool stuff coming our way. Yay! It would be really awesome if you could pick a ticket from the list below and provide a patch and help us in getting a timely release. :smiley: Please do ask any questions you may have about these tickets or if you would like to include/ exclude any ticket/feature. A big thank you to @dkayiwa for the help in reviewing these tickets :smiley: \m/

Here they go (43 in total, 9 will be closed(cancelled), 34 need work) :

Looks good, @maany!

We may want to add an epic to review the upgrade path from “OpenMRS 1.9” (the most common deployment at the moment) to “Platform 2.0 + Legacy UI module”. Giving implementations a well-documented helpful hand in making this transition will be critical for getting implementations to adopt Platform 2.0. I imagine this will be a hot topic at OMRS15.

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Hi @burke
Thanks for bringing this up :slight_smile: I’ve created a ticket for this here :


I don’t see an epic for removing deprecated methods from the API.


/cc @dkayiwa


Can you create a JIRA filter that will give us the list of outstanding Platform 2.0 tickets (or point me to one if it already exists)?


For deprecated methods removal:

Here is the link for the issue filter : I’ve also shared it with you on JIRA.

Thanks @dkayiwa, I’ve updated the above list :smiley: