Seeking advice for new OpenMRS developer

Am passionate in contributing to OpenMRS in any way possible. Being the first time to do this, I kindly seek advise on where to begin from so that I accomplish this task
cc: @dkayiwa, @jwnasambu, @c.antwi, @ruhanga

Thanks so much. That is a document on git-hub. Kindly create a ticket describing what to be done, it will be made " ready for work" then claim it. Use the following steps to check out on the content onto your local machine:

  • If you don’t have a GitHub account, create one here:

  • On GitHub, fork a project you want to work on.

  • Clone the project repository from your fork using this command:

git clone{yourusername}/openmrs-book-developer-manual.git

  • Now, go into the folder just created and set up the “upstream” remote so you can eventually pull changes from the main repository.

git remote add upstream

Use Git to manage your work

You should use a separate branch for your development work on each JIRA issue. The following steps describe how to do so.

-Checkout to a new local branch based on your master/tag recommended for the fix and update it to the latest. use the following command

git checkout -b to create a new branch

  • Push the branch to your fork:

git push origin

Now you may begin work on your task on the newly created branch.

  • To identify which files you have changed, run the following command:

git status

  • To stage all changed and new files into your commit, use the command:
    git add -A

  • To pick only some files, use:

git add -i

  • To commit your changes into your branch, use the command:

git commit -m

After multiple iterations of making changes to the document and committing them into your branch, push your work into your fork by running the following commands.

  • Update your branch to the latest code using the following command:

git pull --rebase upstream master

  • Push your changes into your fork:

git push

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@kdaud how fur have you gone with this, you can ping me if you need more help

Following this link on how to create a ticket, am wondering what project and issue type is supposed to be selected. After logging into JIRA, I get a pop up of selecting a project and issue type, which project and issue type is this issue categorized.
cc: @jwnasambu, @sharif

share that screen shot of a pop up message type

@kdaud if you want to create any ticket, it may be a bug fix or a feature to be created depending on your working code, before you create a ticket , you need to first take a key note Whether it is really a bug, or feature to create in other words it need to unique to others issues to be raised,

After you have really recognised it, you specify which type of ticket, bug fix or features to be created, You need to be able to specify where is the issue into a certain code coverage, and produce the specific procedures you think can be followed to repricate the bug, hope that makes sense

FYI - I moved these posts to a new topic, since they were off topic ( – i.e., were no longer about joining the developer mailing list.

@kdaud, hopefully you’ve seen That’s where we should be directing people new to OpenMRS development and, if that part of our wiki is unwelcoming, confusing, outdated, or needing improvements, we should be working to improve it to provide an easy path to getting started for any developer.

Thank you.

@burke possibly we shall be weighing in on our getting started documentation during our documentation call on tuesday @c.antwi @jwnasambu @jennifer

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thanks @burke for that updates

I need a volunteer to hangout with me so that am helped on how to edit this OpenMRS wiiki page. @sharif , @herbert24, @jwnasambu. When @burke splited the topic, I got stuck on exactly which wiiki page to update

On which link?

Updating this wiiki page

I meant hangout link

Have not yet known how to create one. Could you let me know how to do it

Do you have uber account?

I think I dont have one

If you don’t mind create one and share the link for a hangout.

I created one. Here is the link

@kdaud ,@bulke commented and said if at all that wiki page is unwelcoming, confusing, outdated or need improvements, thats when you should come up with another good idea of improvements to make it clear for new openmrs developers to know where to get started, where would you like to update because honestly to me that wiki is fairly fair to be followed