Seeking advice for new OpenMRS developer

To me as well, this wiiki gives a clear way on how to get started to a new developer in OpenMRS. However, It requires some update on outdated info within in it. Take a look line 14 of Overview which talks about subscribing to mailing list which knologer exist in OpenMRS since it was substituted by OpenMRS Talk

@jwnasambu @c.antwi @jennifer we are checking out this!!

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Am also very available if I may be of value

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Checkout the below steps to edit the above manual as you require !

  1. Get to the manual that you want to edit,

2)On the top left of the manual,look out for the word edit and click on that

3)This takes you direct to gitbook,from this point go to the point were youu want to make the changes and make them

4)End by clicking a propopse change button and this comes out as a pull request which will later be reviewed and your changes will be reviewed and later merged incase they are fine.

Kindly get back here incase of any other @jwnasambu @c.antwi

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