How do I subscribe to Developers' mailing list in OpenMRS

This looks to be pretty simple but have not known how to do it.
I would like to subscribe to the developers’ mailing list because I want to stay informed about what other people are working on and what issues they run into as well.

You can subscribe to the list by sending a blank e- mail to devsubscribe @, or by updating your profile at http://id.openmrs .org/. After subscribing , you can e-mail the list at dev@ openmrs .org.

We retired the developers mailing list years ago with the success of OpenMRS Talk. If you want to follow developer discussions, subscribe to this Development category in Talk.

I would expect any email to to fail. It would be great if it created a post in this category for anyone with a valid email (of a registered user of Talk), but that might invite spam.

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@kdaud Basically Talk ,replaced the Developers Mailing list.

Am sorry for reply delay @burke @jwnasambu , @mozzy. Assignments for my college studies had caught me up. I think there is a need to update this wiki page. Cited at the line 14 of Overview of that wiki page

Do you mind volunteering to do it? :slight_smile:

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