Scheduling Product Architecture Team calls

As part of shifting Bahmni to be a truly community-owned open source project (see Evolution of the Bahmni Project) we would like to start up regular open-invitation Product Architecture Team calls.

These calls will include an intersection of product thinkers and technical thinkers, and they will focus on how we want to evolve the Bahmni software product. (While it’s important to have technical folks on this call, it’s a product call, and it’s not the place for detailed technical solutioning.)

Help us schedule this call (with the idea that it will recur every two weeks):

PS- You may recognize this from something we were reporting back from under the #bahmni-pat tag. More recently, this thread about a new feature for Bahmni Connect is exactly the sort of thing we can discuss on this call.

Thanks @darius. Is there a place where the topics of the day may be listed (as it is done with OpenMRS design forums)?

Thanks for mentioning our brainstorming thread about Bahmni Connect. So this what we (Mekom Solutions) would like to discuss:

  1. ‘Shell patients’ - a new feature for Bahmni Connect
  2. Bahmni Apps becoming a Maven project

We have chosen a time:

  • Wednesdays, every 2 weeks
  • first call on August 9
  • 14:00 UTC
  • 7am Seattle, 10am New York, 5pm Nairobi, 7:30pm India, 7:45pm Nepal
  • see more
  • We will use Fuze

We’ll post agendas in this forum, with the #bahmni-pat tag. All are welcome!