Scheduled outage for nexus (maven repository) - 18th Feb

Hi everyone,

In case you haven’t seen, there’s an outage scheduled this weekend for nexus (our maven repository):

"We’ll be migrating to a new maven repo on Saturday, Feb 18th, which entails inability to deploy releases from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. UTC. Please do not plan on doing releases during those hours as they will be rejected by SNAPSHOTs will continue to be accepted.

SNAPSHOTs will continue to be accepted so there’s no need to make any changes in your CI.

However, you may need to redeploy some SNAPSHOTs after the migration, if you observe any stale SNAPSHOTs manifesting in strange build failures. It can happen, if you deploy any SNAPSHOT in a much shorter window (under 30 minutes) after we copy artifacts from Nexus to Artifactory and before we switch the DNS entry."

UPDATE: SNAPSHOTs will be rejected for a much shorter window (under 30 minutes). The repository will be returning 405 for rejected deploy requests.

I’d personally just bring it down entirely to keep a sane consistent state.

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@r0bby, @cintiadr originally suggested to disable deploying anything and make the repo read-only, but I figured it’d be less destructive for devs to keep SNAPSHOTs on. I haven’t thought about the need to redeploy some SNAPSHOTs after the migration when I first suggested keeping SNAPSHOTs on. It feels it makes more sense indeed to reject SNAPSHOTs so that devs who miss this announcement at least learn about the reason of failure right away with 405 being returned. Let’s change that.

When working with migrating production data, I always like to bring the service down. This way I don’t have to deal with lost data.

This makes sense to me. I’m find with our builds temporarily failing (if they even happen to run at all) during the migration, in exchange for keeping things consistent.

Thanks everyone! Mark

We’ve just completed the migration. Please let us know in case you run into any issues.