Nexus to Artifactory migration

The JFrog company standing behind Artifactory and Bintray has generously offered to sponsor a dedicated Artifactory instance and an org account on Bintray for OpenMRS. Thank you JFrog! Thanks @jbaruch for you assistance in the process as well!

The hosted Artifactory will save the infrastructure team a lot of maintenance work with our own Nexus instance and hopefully in the long run give better experience for OpenMRS devs. Artifactory will be used as our maven repo and help devs do the work.

Alongside we will use Bintray to distribute wars, distributions, modules and open web apps for end users. We will be deploying all releases from Artifactory to Bintray automatically thanks to the integration between the two.

We are working on making the migration as seamless as possible. If you have an account on, please stay tuned to further announcements in the coming week to help us migrate it to Artifactory.

I’d like to thank @cintiadr, who has volunteered to help with the migration process and makes it so much easier for me!

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with me or @cintiadr.


This is great news! Thanks @raff, @cintiadr, @jbaruch and others for working to get this sponsorship in place, and taking on the big job of migrating us over from our Nexus repository!

Cheers, Mike

Indeed this is marvellous! A big thanks to @raff, @cintiadr and @jbaruch :gift:

Yes, agreed! Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Looking forward to hearing more about the steps for migration. Any idea if there will be any ramifications for users who run their own build pipelines?

Take care, Mark

I’m sending out an e-mail to mavenrepo users. Please reply to that e-mail and setup a new account on Artifactory before Friday, Feb 17th, 12 p.m. UTC.

If you haven’t received an e-mail, but you do use mavenrepo, please contact me directly.

We will continue to use the domain so there’s no need to change projects’ configuration.

You should not observe any downtime during migration.

We will have a 4 hour window over this weekend, when we disable deploying releases, but you will still be able to deploy SNAPSHOTs. You may need to redeploy SNAPSHOTs after migration is completed, if you observe any strange results, which can be caused by stale artifacts.

For all following this thread, please see Releasing to mavenrepo disabled on Feb, 18th, 8 a.m.-12 p.m. UTC

  1. Will openmrs-core also be released to ?

  2. If so is there any need to change the urls pointing to in the openmrs-core pom.xml ? like in the root pom.xml I dont see any issues related to this on JIRA except for the OpenMRS SDK.

  3. I think we should add the latest version badge to all github repositories readme’s so devs can easily get some release information’s. (I added it to the SDK) Or is it better to add a maven central badge?

Would be great if someone could write some basic infos on this into a wiki, I cant seem to find more than this and the other linked talk topic on this.

  1. Yes, we plan to use it instead of sourceforge.
  2. No, the URLs stay the same. We configured redirects.
  3. We don’t publish to maven central, but adding a badge to Bintray would be great.

We are still working on setting up new distribution channels (Artifactory + Bintray) and I’ll be adding docs as soon as we settle on them.

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I would think that the URLs should be changed in the repo, doing it now vs later is just a matter of priority

@raff said that they have configured:

so I assume its not needed

We want to continue to use URLs we own that is in case we have to change a provider in the future.


@raff, was the openmrs core also released to bintray . i cant find the openmrs-core package in all the openmrs repositories on bintray


Jfrog replaced nexus, and openmrs core is there. It has all maven dependencies.

OpenMRS installables are still released to sourceforge.