Scaling Bahmni in multiple countries

Session Title: Scaling Bahmni in multiple countries

Session Type: Plenary Talk (everyone together in one room) OR Breakout Talk (50-minute session including a presentation with optional Q&A)

Description: Bahmni started from a rural hospital in India three years back and is now being deployed in many countries. In this talk I share our motivation, approach and strategy of making and scaling Bahmni via implementations. I will also cover key technologies, features and roadmap of Bahmni.

Suggested By: Vivek Singh, Product Manager, Bahmni (ThoughtWorks)

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Hi Vivek,

We have already done the session scheduling, but perhaps this could be merged with another one of the Bahmni sessions on the agenda. Could you describe how this is similar or different to these other sessions? It would help to determine how to proceed.

Hi, This would have some overlap with the second one in your list but it would not be demo. With others it doesn’t. This session is at high level covering all the aspects of bahmni. This one is less interactive than 3 and 4.

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@gsluthra, would you be willing to collaborate with @petmongrels and change the scope of the demo currently holding the plenary talk spot on Friday morning to something more of an introduction? Then hopefully some of the additional demos could be worked into the other Bahmni sessions. What do you think?

Hello @michael. We can do what you suggested. Works very well, since the timing is also better.

So - in summary, this talk Scaling Bahmni in Multiple Countries (by Vivek Singh) can be presented at the timeslot which was originally allotted to: Bahmni EMR UI Feature Demo (12:00pm-12:30pm on Fri 11/Dec).

We can plan instead for Demos across the other remaining sessions (and maybe also in Lightening talk time).

Will you be able to reflect the changes in the Agenda on the website to mention Vivek’s name & talk?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Great, thank you everyone. I will adjust the official schedule accordingly. :+1: