Classroom session to install and try Bahmni (OpenMRS distro)

Classroom session to install and configure Bahmni (OpenMRS Distro)

Session Type: Birds of a Feather session (after-hours informal meetup)

Description: Bahmni is an easy-to-use, open source OpenMRS distro, which is a full Hospital Management solution including EMR, Lab, PACS, and an ERP system for billing and inventory. More details here:

We would like to help people try out Bahmni by helping them install Bahmni on their laptops, and also do some what-if situations to help configure Registration screens, Clinical Screens, Diagnostic screens, etc. This way, people will have a running system to play with, and we will also be able to get some feedback from Implementers on Bahmni and their needs.

Suggested By: Gurpreet Luthra (from ThoughtWorks). Session will be conducted by Vinay Venu and Hemanth, who are from the Bahmni development team.

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This topic is currently/preliminarily scheduled on the following date/time:

AT 2:20pm to 3:20pm, Friday 11th December IN Classroom 3.1, Singapore Management University

For details and complete schedule, see:

Please reply if you have any concerns with this scheduling. Thanks!

@michael: Can we schedule this session for 2 hours? 1 hour may be less for people to get a hands-on feel. The trainers for this session are Vinay Venu and Hemanth SR.

@michael: Can we run this session again on Day 3 of the conference somewhere? In case folks can’t attend on Day2, or want some more inputs?

Alternatively, is there a possible place where we could hang out as a group, and take this classroom session on other days.