Reflection about SolDevelo's Internship (#OMRS2020)

At first, I would like to thank all of you who help Interns in their work, while they were looking for help and during their first steps in OpenMRS’ community and Jira. Also thank you @herbert24 for your advice and time.

The Internship has a first success which is a promotion @sacull to dev2 level. This award is a proof for his great contribution and works for all participants of the OpenMRS community. Thanks for everybody without whom it would be impossible (big thanks to @dkayiwa)

Going to the point, the Internships lasts until the end of October and I would like to ask you for your opinion. It’s the first edition of our remote internship and first-ever in that community so we’re still learning. It’s important to make a progress, don’t repeat mistakes in the future and move forward unstoppable. For that reason, Your voice is very important for us. We spend a lot of time on preparation, making it alive and coordinating the whole project. So if you have any suggestions, conclusions, want to share bad/good things of the Internship and say how you would see it in next year - I’m waiting!

Share your thoughts here or write me a private message. Thanks for all

Susan, cc @jennifer @jwnasambu @herbert24 @dkayiwa @sharif @mozzy @ssmusoke


i think it was a great idea , and a good experience all together . Alot of awesome work was done . :slightly_smiling_face:

May be next time for better assement and tracking progress of each intern, we can start up a Thread where each person post their progress (work done) after a given period of time or at the end of the program


Yeah, that’s a good idea. It could also increase motivation in the group, cause everybody could see what others do. Your idea has one more important pros - the community could see, motivate and help each of the interns during the Internship. The whole Internship will be more open, clear and transparent.

I have to think about it next year, thank you @mozzy


Maybe somebody wants to add something too? I really appreciate every opinion and suggestion.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: (waiting to hear what you think about that idea)

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@dkayiwa, @herbert24 would you say something about the Internship? I know that you were engaged in some topics more or less. I really want to hear some opinion about #OMRS2020 and how it goes in your opinion.


There is usually quite a bit of discussion about tickets and projects that happens as a part of preparing for GSoC. It might be worth connecting with our GSoC co-admins @suthagar23 @mozzy to hear about how they prepare for GSoC in collaboration with the PM Team.


@zuzanna, was @sacull the only intern? Or did i just miss the rest?

hah, he was for sure the most active intern. but there were also others who do the tasks. Łukasz was and is the most active = most noticeable, but in the program was 140 participants, not even half of them started doing tasks and only a few of them was doing them. The reason is now clear for me, but in the first weeks we lost many interns who never tried to solve the problem

Okay, It’s worth to connect with them now and of course in the future when we’ll be starting the #OMRS2021.

Do you have any sort of reward system or special acknowledgement for those who successfully complete the internship? Or any other form of motivating them?


Is that the answer? :wink:

Yes it is. Thanks @sacull :slight_smile:

Are other interns expected to work on other projects other than OpenMRS?

Nope. The Internship took place only in OpenMRS and that was their only “job” in that project.

Did you give the prize to anyone else besides @sacull?

Internship still in progress.

This is in Polish, but it states when participants have time to complete the conditions. There are still 16 days left.

Those who meet the conditions will be officially announced on November 13. I’m not sure Zuzanna can answer your question before this date.

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The project is still active so we don’t know yet. I hope that not only Łukasz win the prize, but also we could give it to others.

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@zuzanna thanks for the initiative and hoping others to can get the prize :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Big ups to @sacull for the effort


Do you happen to know what those others are doing? Only two weeks left, and i have not yet seen any serious activity from anyone besides @sacull

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What they are doing? Probably they lost the project while ago cause they couldn’t find tasks enough easy for them.

Is there a way of engaging them to listen to what they have to say about this?