Reference application 2.10-SNAPHOT UI testing

Hi @irenyak1

The first 2 issues you mentioned now fixed.

Please look in to the video

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This is actually not a bug.When you dont have active visits we dont have anything to search so the search box automatically hides.Starta visit with a patient and it will work.

I already added an active visit so it should be fine by now on the qa-refapp-server :slightly_smiling_face:

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cc :- @dkayiwa @mozzy


Under Data management, The left margin for ‘Merge Patient Electronic Records’ icon is too big

compared to the Usual UI.

You may want to reduce the left margin to match the usual one.

Issue 1 :-

PR :-

Issue 2 :-

PR :-

Issue 3

PR :-

cc :- @mksd , @mozzy can we test and merge the fixes :slightly_smiling_face:

RA 2.10 SNAPSHOT Merge Patient Electronic Records, The bar codes in the Patient ID fields are a bit not well aligned with the inputs and also this page should not be scrollable. There’s a scroll bar on the right as you can see. You may want to remove it.

as compared to the usual UI

Hi @irenyak1

I cant reproduce the scrollable issue on the qa-ref app in main 2 browsers Firefox and Google chrome.

Issue 4 :-

Fix :- PR’s

@irenyak1 am just so impressed by how much sensitive to details you can be , good work. And @ayesh am also amazed at how fast you fix the issues …good job :grinning: .


Hello @mozzy I have tried resetting this demo server but it is still down. Could you help me out. I just need to do some more UI testing. Mozzy have you been able to merge the PRs from @ayesh?

@irenyak1 you can request access to bamboo if you do not already have it. Then you can restart the demo server by simply running this CI plan:

@dkayiwa the server is still down even after restarting .I actually have access to bamboo.

You just need to restart it. Have you tried to run that CI plan?

Thanks @dkayiwa I was actually resetting the server, but now I have run the ci plan and am good to go. :slight_smile:

General observation @ayesh you need to reduce the padding of the parent component. If you are keen to check, you will realize that the RA 2.10SNAPSHOT UI is occupies a smaller div compared to the usual UI. I will not attach a screen shot but it runs through all the pages. Just change the size of the main container or its padding.

Another observation @ayesh, after registering a patient or for an existing patient, On the patient dashboard, under the “General actions” card, on the RA-2.10-SNAPSHOT, this card looks longer than the normal card just because of the width of the parent container. Adjust the width of this container (make it wider) plus the necessary changes that may be required and this will fall in place.


Usual UI

On another note: @ayesh, using the first image i uploaded, please look at the icon for ''Configure Metadata" the wording should be on one line not two. I think this is also as a result of the parent component having a smaller width. You may fix this too.

@irenyak1 well done for that work , and @ayesh weldone for the fixes.

@irenyak1 instead of just describing the position of the breakage in words , can you use an “image anotating tool” to point out the actual breakage , you can use “Paint” that comes with windows , to point out the breakage clearly

Otherwise Good job

I looked for such a tool but could not find it. I am using Ubuntu, could you give me a clue of what I could use. Basically that line is covered in the first image i posted that’s why i didnt repost it.Check the first image I posted.

On another note, I had organized other 5 observations but unfortunately talk could not allow me post them since i had made 3 posts consecutively without anyone else posting. So they kept hanging till I lost them after shutting down my pc, but am gonna trace them and repost them.