Reference application 2.10-SNAPHOT UI testing

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Hi All , as we come closer to having our Alpha-Release for Reff App 2.10 , because of some UI upgrade work that has been done during the previous time , that is

We came up with several Issues For the UI breaking , however , we havent had a organised Testing of all the UI pages.

We need to test and report about each and every visual part of the application, to ensure that we fix any Bootstrap issues and FontAwesome5 issues that may have arose due to the above Upgrades

I therefore call Upon anyone who can come to participate in this Exercise.

cc @jennifer @c.antwi @dev2 @dev3 @dev1 @dev4 @dev5


@mozzy We would like this completed by the end of this week so that we can release alpha version by Monday next week at the latest

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sure , we were supposed to have the alpha like today , but now we have these issues , @ayesh promised to handle the issues

For testing , we can use the remote server here

Hello @mozzy the demo above is down.

@jwnasambu you can always reset the demo server by running this plan:

Thanks so much it has worked.

uicommons are running successfully.@mozzy good job Again i would say that the fontAwesome5 didnot break because i tried to run the reference 2.10 snapshot and all went fine

The is no breakage.

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All seems fine and the icons too


Thanks @irenyak1 and @jwnasambu for doing some UI testing.

We seem t have all the UI issues fixed by @ayesh :grinning: Does any one still have any visual part of the reff app breaking before i go ahead to release the remaining modules that were affected by the Bootrap changes ?

cc @dkayiwa @ssmusoke @ruhanga @mksd @mogoodrich @ball ??

@mozzy we need a full testing process and document listing each part of the reference application user interface that was tested and the outcome. That is when we shall have some sense of confidence that there are no other side effects of the bootstrap work.

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@dkayiwa @jennifer , is our QA lead ready ? do we have any team that can start on this work ?

Awesome. Btw the qa server is down again. Can someone run this plan again

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Am running it . Thanks for the awesome work @ayesh

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Hi @ssmusoke

Stephe I think we need these two fixes merged for the testing round.

@dkayiwa , i have re-run the plan but the server is down.

Hi @mozzy

Thanks its working now :slightly_smiling_face:

am coming up with this testing process and the tests done hopefully by monday it will be ready

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@c.antwi , We are good with everything else ,except the above pending Prs for the Boostrap Fixes. If we get those Reviewed and merged , we shall have the Alpha on monday

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