QA-Automation Testing

Hello Here. I once worked with openmrs as a react Js fronted dev and some bit of python on the openmrs-ocl-client application, but i have since transitioned to full time automation testing. I am willing to come on board as a QA-Automation Enginner, for other products not necessarily OpenMRS ocl-client. What is currently being done and where can i pick up the testing backlog. What stacks are in use and where do i get the person to show me where to start :slight_smile: Regards


Great timing @waweru we are currently looking to expand this area of work. Right now we are trying to map out what QA and automation testing mechanisms we have in place and identify where we could improve significantly, including adoption of new technologies and approaches. If you and the community are available for a discussion, we can schedule one at the time slots available below:


That’s great! Folks may not be aware but OpenMRS was awarded in Digital Square Notice C to improve the QA processes in the community - thinking through QA, automation, best practices, and try it out with an implementer. For folks interested in what we are aiming for, you can read the project proposal here (workstream 2). This project is just about to kickoff. I would love to start a discussion about QA processes and technologies and start exploring things together. Shall we all start chatting in an OpenMRS slack channel or start exploring some ideas here?

This does sound exciting. Maybe the meeting above could be a perfect start on conversations related to QA workflow and processes on OpenMRS,

@waweru Good afternoon

Are you still available for the meeting at 1pm UTC? We will be meeting on

We can invite the broader community to participate in a broader call in the coming days. @waweru I let me know when we can talk

Maybe we can start talking through some of this here on Talk. @waweru, what are your burning questions about OpenMRS QA workflow and processes?

hey @c.antwi, never got the confirmation, sorry was away for this, can we reschedule ?

@jennifer wanted to know what is currently being done and documentation of the same and how i can plug in.

@waweru, so glad that you raised this topic. As @janflowers, we were recently awarded a small grant to improve our QA processes. Have you read the proposal that she shared? That will give you a good idea of what we hope to do in the next year.

And have you come across our documentation related to QA and testing on our Wiki? What questions does this raise for you?

I’d love to hear more about QA processes and technologies that are being used by implementations. Let’s start talking!

@waweru We are going to discuss this at our PM call today July 8 at 3pm UTC on Uber Conference.

It would be great if you can attend

hello @c.antwi i am game… kindly send me a link, i will be there

@jennifer yes i have come across the documentation, the grant details, and the proposal with issues opened from around 2014.

@c.antwi any meeting id or link for this ?

@c.antwi @jennifer kindly update me on what transpired during this meeting.

@waweru We were not able to discuss the topic at the last PM call. However if you are interested we will be looking to table it at today’s call at 3pm UTC on

Regards Cynthia

Sure, thanks

@waweru we currently have an OCL MVP testing activity we need help to coordinate and complete

We are trying to establish a test plan and strategy too. Would you be interested to help ?

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Sure Cynthia, Furnish me with the details.