QA-Automation Testing

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@waweru please have a look of the ongoing discussion here :

We need to do the following:

  1. Complete the test plan and strategy
  2. Setup a test JIRA board so we can keep track of the results that come
  3. Identify community members with OCL knowledge to help us test.

We have our PM call this afternoon on at 3PM UTC where will be discussing this and more.

I hope you or anyone who is interested in helping out will be available for the call.

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Always missing calls at 3pm UTC :anguished:. I would not mind this. I have worked with OCL before so I know a thing or two, might need handholding by people who have extensive knowledge on how everything fits in together like @darius or @paynejd but it should not be much. I am assuming the application to be tested is the OCL for OpenMRS right @c.antwi .

@waweru I can brief you on what transpires in those meetings and also there are recorded videos of the meetings posted on the OCL discussion thread.

We need to discuss as soon as possible what the next steps will be to guide the testing activities.

Please PM me asap to move forward

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sure on it.

Newbie here. I’m working with the folks at SIM on the openMRS project for ELWA hospital. In my past life, I worked in software QA, and put together automated testing for a proprietary convenience store gas pump controller and POS software. The automated testing we did discovered a serious production problem that would appear after 6 months of use, and we were able to prevent it. Can you give me a brief update where this effort is with openMRS? Has a standard set of tools been selected? If so, can I add them to my VM hosting standalone openMRS? Are automated tests available? Test datasets? I skimmed the proposal to Square and it sounds good. The one thing I didn’t see mentioned was a method to assure that tests were maintained going forward. And most importantly, what can I do to assist in this area?

This makes you so awesome! Did you get a chance to look at this?

Wonderful! We’re about to kick off the work outlined in that proposal and will be re-vitalizing the team mentioned in the Wiki page @dkayiwa shared with you. Please keep an eye out for updates here on Talk and join in!

Hello, @dotremain and welcome. You are just in time for the party :smile:

Welcome dear @dotremain, we are so glad hearing about your former QA experience and can’t wait to keep engaging you all through our soon breaking QA work. We currently have a bunch of individual tests that we continuously run in bamboo per change or addition, we also have documentation on how to write tests etc. However we have been missing an overall end to end system testing framework to address our diverse implementations’ requirements which the next phase of our QA history is gonna address as you probably looked at in our digital square proposal.

We are currently pulling together a cohort of individual contacts we can collaborate with during the preparation and implementation stages of this project. We long to keep in touch and in case is not your preferred means of communication, please send through that privately if you can and we can keep in touch.

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