Project Ideas for the Upcoming GSOC 2019

Hey Everyone !

Its that time of the year again!

We would like to start the process of identifying new project ideas for the upcoming GSOC 2019 .

I have started this thread to encourage the community to post ideas, and projects which students could work on.

I will be updating this thread in the next few weeks as to how we will select which idea will be nominated for development.

No idea is too small.



I have a couple of ideas around terminology and mapping…

  1. Add RxNORM maps (reference code maps) to Drug table.
  2. Create link between Regimens, concepts and drugs
  3. Complete work of allowing reference_reference maps to “subsume” all OBS below an IS-A tree (not sure where the loading of the reference_reference links is, as well as the ability to query based on reference_reference links within the reporting tool, etc.)
  4. Update concept dictionary translation module

I am sure there are more…


@suthagar23 had created a talk thread which has suggestions to improve OpenMRS application by GCI students. Can these be taken in account? :slight_smile:

Link: Suggestions

Thank you!

@satvikshri yes, let us look into those as well and pick some which are related to GSoC projects.

Hi, I have an idea about (access cards); for example: A front-desk clerk in the optometry clinic will not typically need access to the emergency room, so his/her access card will not open those doors. Reference

Hi @c.antwi I am Rupesh and I am a Full stack web developer and open source contributor. I am also a GSOC aspirant. I can’t express in words ,how this line inspire me to write more code " Write Code. Save Lives." So I have one idea for GSOC and wants your feedback on this. It would be great if any mentor guide me to proceed ahead. Idea is to develop a web app to save lives by managing the hospital accomodations for the patient based on their disease. Web app will have options like -

  1. Add user of the site.

  2. Add patient

  3. Add diseases

  4. Set score against each disease to decide who should be given the accomodation first.

  5. Add rooms.

  6. Delete room.

  7. Delete disease.

  8. Dashboard.

  9. Update pateint info .

  10. Release patient.

  11. Login and singup

There are lots of features that can be added to make it a successful and helpfulf project.

This will solve the real world problem and save the lives. Plz give some feedback on my idea @c.antwi

Hey @c.antwi , I am Krizhan and am also a GSOC aspirant. I also have an idea that I am curious about. Is there any interest in implementing a GIS (Geographical Information System) module?

There are many outbreaks, especially in third-world countries, and being able to track patterns can help reduce potential spread of disease. Since OpenMRS is used by millions of people, it may contain tons of useful data which can provide inferences to users (for example we can track outbreaks by checking visits to help reduce spread of disease, we can also try to predict any shortage on drugs that may soon occur).

Just wanted to throw this idea out there and am interested in everyone’s thoughts.

Thanks @c.antwi for creating and @akanter, @satvikshri, @monasaleh, @rupeshiya, @krizhan for ideas.

Please be aware of project/mentors brainstorming thread which carries some important needs for a project.


Hey @c.antwi so the idea right now is that openMRS have their web application and only the organisation has the right to see the details about the pateints and they manage the data and don’t have an android application and in india specially most of the people does have more reach towards android nowadays rather than web (as we are looking towards the remote areas where the computer facility is still not not reachable ) but they do have mobile phones whether it would be a normal 1000- indian rupees cell phone or any android phone … so we can create an android app which would give the users as well as the organisation reach towarsds looking at the data of patients like the 1.appointment created 2.appointment cancelled 3. diagnosis report 4. medicine prescribed referred till now 6. gender and picture and all the basic information which we get in a file form whenever we visit an hospital bcz there is a possibility that the data which is given to the patient might get destroyed or misplace … so there will two portals where both the end user (patients ) and the hospital authority both have access to the user data as they are the authorized ones and the user can only access to his/her data because he/she shouldn’t be bothered about anyone else’s data so we will give access to his report and most of the details which will ensure that if he/she in future doesn’t come to the same hospital they can take their report and the data can be send to other hospital if they go there for further treatments … and this will save time and money of patient only because suppose if i am a patient and i want my medicine which is prescribed to me and i go to the hospital but there is no doctor visiting today so my time got wasted and money too so instead of this we can do like we will generate a notification so that it will give information about if i want to check that my medicine is available in the hospital or not and is there a doctor today visiting or not because i might be coming from a far place and i wouldn’t want my time as well as money to get wasted so this will give early information whether i should go today or not and if not then when do i have to go that message in android as further coming … and if i’m not on android then there will be a message that would be sent to the mobile registered number so that i can take a look at it because there are people who doesn’t have knowledge of android … we will give authority to the user to on and off this facility because if he/she can take a look at information about this on android then it is okay otherwise they can activate this feature as well like when we book something online it generates a message and sends us to the registered number … and yeah there should be a picture feature also so that with name in authority’s portal it is easy to identify the patient, so we will create the android app and will link it to the web server and we will make sure that the data is secured if someone access it from android platform so that data secrecy is maintained

Hey Everyone !

Thanks for the amazing ideas!, Please keep them coming ! We will respond accordingly to all suggested ideas. Please do follow what @suthagar23 process to propose a project as mentioned here GSoC 2019 : Project/Mentor Brainstorming .

@suthagar23 @jwnasambu could we set up a weekly call to discuss project ideas?

Thanks for thinking about it. I wouldn’t mind attending only that hope you are not confusing me to be the co-admin to @suthagar23. The co-admin is @irenyak1 but where need arise am ready to work.

I am so sorry. I think I confused the two of you! Apologies for this. @irenyak1 Kindly let me know if we could schedule a call

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sure let me see @suthagar23 's schedule. Thanks @c.antwi

@c.antwi I think, we have enough time to discuss and finalize the ideas for GSoC. So could we wait for some time to get some potential ideas from other community members?

Sounds Good .