GSoC 2019 : Project/Mentor Brainstorming

Hi all,

Now the time for the community to get into the Google Summer of Code. Following on the success of more than a decade of involvement in Google’s Summer of Code initiative, OpenMRS once again planed to apply as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code™ 2019 , and we are looking forward to identifying potential project ideas and mentors for GSoC 2019 as part of the organization application process. The organization application is due on the 06th Feb , so we would like to get as many projects fleshed out by then. If you have any ideas for projects , and/or would like to volunteer as a mentor , this is the time and place to get those discussions going.


  • 06 February: Organization Application Deadline
  • 25 March - 06 April: Student Application Period
  • 27 May - 26 August: Coding
  • 24 -28 June: Mentors and students submit Phase I evaluations
  • 22- 26 July: Mentors and students submit Phase II evaluations
  • 26 August - 02 September: Mentors final evaluations

For more information on project timelines and expectations for primary and backup mentors , please refer to the OpenMRS GSoC 2019 wiki page . The wiki page will be updated with the list of projects and mentors as they are identified.

GSoC Projects

See the above list of last year’s GSoC projects and the current list of unassigned projects for motivation and ideas. You can have a look at past year’s discussions about Google Summer of Code in OpenMRS .

GSoC projects can be new modules/OpenWeb Apps/projects, involve enhancements/new features for an existing module/OpenWeb App/project, or PoC work for an idea, but should have the following attributes:

  • Must involve coding(Major part) and be OpenMRS-related ideas
  • Clear objectives and requirements
  • A minimal viable product can be completed in 6-8 weeks (allowing time for bug fixing, documentation, and getting to production).
  • Meaningful contributions to the community
  • Involvement of at least one motivated product owner (e.g., implementation) eager to use the project’s output
  • Should have some features which may give a chance for design, coding, testing, and documentation as well as analytical thinking and creativity for students.
  • Available mentors (If don’t have, we can get it later)

New Project Ideas

If you have any new ideas which are supposed to be initiated through GSoC 2019, please go ahead and arrange a Design forum for it (You can contact any of us, and invite our community also) - Better to prepare documentation about your ideas, requirements, and needs before moving to Design forum (Check here).

Creating a GSoC 2019 Project Page :

  1. Browse to unassigned projects on the wiki or have your own idea

  2. If there is already a wiki page for your project or very similar project, update that page instead of creating a duplicate. If you need to create a new project page, please choose the “Project Page” template.

    • Project name*: Foo Bar Project ← by convention, end your page title with " Project"
    • Primary mentor*: Your OpenMRS ID / TBD
    • Backup mentor*: TBD
    • Assigned to*: TBD
    • Abstract*: 4-5 paragraph(s) describing the background, purpose, motivation of the project. Make it exciting! The more interesting your project sounds, the better the applicants you will get.
    • Sample use cases*: Provide 2 - 5 sample use cases which need to be developed. It should be simple which could able to understand by a person who doesn’t have any experience with OpenMRS.
    • First Task : If you have any simple task(which can be completed with in 3 - 5 days) related to your project, mentioned that in here. It can be a JIRA issue or any PoC. You can use to evaluate the capability of the student for that project (Optional - But good to have)
    • Project champions: name one or more product owners (who will use the output?)
    • Required Skills*: list the skills required to apply (e.g., Java, React, Angular, REST, HTML/CSS, basic SQL, etc.)
    • Objectives*: A short list of what should be accomplished during the summer
    • Extra credit: list any nice-to-have features or approaches
    • Dev Tracks* : Include GitHub URL and JIRA URL of the project
    • Resources*: include links to any wiki pages, Talk discussions, websites with related/helpful info
  3. Add page label: gsoc2019

  4. Add a link to your project page and proposed mentor below.

Mentor Expectations

We expect each and every mentor to be engaged with students and the community before/during the contest period. So please go through it to get an idea about mentor expectations,

Please let me know if you have any questions and queries regarding this.



We would like to invite our community members, past mentors/students, and partners to make an idea for GSoC.

Cc :

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Thanks @suthagar23 for taking the lead on this! Will surely come up with project ideas! :slight_smile:

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Hi @suthagar23,

I have one idea for GSOC and wants your feedback on this. It would be great if any mentor guide me to proceed ahead. Idea is to develop a web app to save lives by managing the hospital accomodations for the patient based on their disease. Web app will have options like -

  1. Add user of the site.

  2. Add patient

  3. Add diseases

  4. Set score against each disease to decide who should be given the accomodation first.

  5. Add rooms.

  6. Delete room.

  7. Delete disease.

  8. Dashboard.

  9. Update pateint info .

  10. Release patient.

  11. Login and singup

There are lots of features that can be added to make it a successful and helpfulf project.

This will solve the real world problem and save the lives. I have already posted this idea in another thread but there I didn’t got any feedback .so Plz give some feedback on my idea .


I started on a change and had non committed work, am not sure i will sooner find time to proceed it, it’s; Patient Search Criterial module; references:

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Thanks @dkayiwa @rupeshiya @k.joseph.

@rupeshiya You don’t need to duplicate the content any where of this talk forum. If you want, just link that post to avoid post duplication. Could you arrange a design forum to discuss this idea and requirements?

Should I post one new topic for having discussion on this ? @suthagar23

Hi There!

Sure we plan to have multiple discussions on Design Forum regarding project idea submissions so please allow us to arrange ourselves to do this over the next 2 weeks.

Thanks for the info @c.antwi , will be waiting to get some helpful feedback !!

Hi all,

Kind remainder on this topic since we are going to sort out the projects soon for this year Google summer of code.

Cc : @dev5, @dev4, @dev3, @dev2

Hi @suthagar23, Can you please give your view on GSoC 2019 : Project/Mentor Brainstorming . I haven’t got any reply yet on that idea .

Hey @rupeshiya

As I mentioned earlier, you need to make a Design Forum with your idea to get some discussions and suggestions. Can you follow this wiki page to arrange a Design Forum? -

I think, Next is - 23rd Jan. It’s open to any ideas and you can start to explain more there.

Moved here : Managing Hospital Accommodations in OpenMRS

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I would like to contribute as a mentor or backup mentor for GSoC 2019.

I worked on REST services for Patient flag module. This module doesnot have a UI on ref app and needs some code cleanup and refactoring as well. We can aim to make this fully functional with an OWA, fully RESTified with a well designed UI for GSoC 2019.

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I’m willing to contribute as a mentor/backup mentor.

We recently created CommonLab module to create and manage custom lab tests. At present, the module is not RefApp UI wise. I think it could be a good contribution to create an OWA for this module.

@tahira will you be interested in mentoring this project?

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@owais.hussain Sure, that seems to be a good idea. I look forward to mentoring this project. It would be a good opportunity for me as I would be mentoring any project in GSoc for the first time.

Hey @maimoonak

I am interested in reading about the module and the proposed plan for GSoC 2019. Can you please provide me with some documentation links and resources. That would be a great help.


@pkatopenmrs The module documentation can be found here .

The branch that is supposed to be base for next developlements is this.

At the moment we donot have plan documented on wiki. I would do it in a day or so and would share with you. But the plan mostly needs UI development (OWA) and would require good knowledge of Angular or React.

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@maimoonak , I can implement the UI part i.e angular , Is this a part of GSOC 2019 ?

@maimoonak and @rupeshiya I would like to suggest to develop a OWA based on React components since most of our OWAs are functioning on top of React (except some in past). We may use the OpenMRS React reusable components also.

Hey @suthagar23

I have some ideas regarding improvements in OAuth module and finally planning about packaging it up with the next reference app release after 2.9 (may be 3.0).

This would be a great project idea. I am currently documenting the plan and that would be mostly done before end of this week.

I saw your post regarding the design forum. I need to put up my ideas on that right?

I would be creating a new topic on talk regarding suggestions on my idea.