GCI-2018 : New Ideas from GCI Students to improve OpenMRS

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(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #1

Hi Students,

I have created this talk thread to have your ideas and thoughts in one place which can help OpenMRS for the future developments.

First, you need to claim one of these tasks from GCI dashboard :

  1. Research the UI issues in OpenMRS Ref Application 2.8.0

Then submit your work only to the GCI dashboard. Once your mentor reviewed and approved, then only add your ideas here. You should mention the approved Mentor name in the post here.

I would like to keep only the final version of ideas here (Having conversations or discussion for an idea in this thread may reduce the impact on other ideas here) So posts without approved mentor name will be deleted to reduce the number of posts.


(Herbert Yiga) #2

@suthagar23 thanks for this

(Adrian Serapio) #3

Hi everybody! I have included a link here wherein I explored some UI issues in Database Changes , of which was already approved by @suthagar23.

I think in general the UI is fine, but the UX could be further improved through a declunking and addition of a search feature, as I have explained in the PDF. I would love to have a conversation in the proposed edits, and would be more than willing to actually try to make the component hahha :smiley:

(Aleksander Wójtowicz) #4

Hi! I’ve described some ideas for improvement of Global Properties manager in this document :smiley: My task was approved by @suthagar23

I’m aware that this component isn’t used very often/by a large group of people but I’d like to implement my ideas someday. This page really needs some upgrades, which might not matter at the moment but in the future could be really helpful. I’m not questioning the looks but rather the functionality.

Unfortunately I have no knowledge about any of the front-end JS frameworks used today (afaik OpenMRS RefApp mainly uses Angular), but it won’t stop me from learning it or simply trying to use vanilla JS, maybe with the help of jQuery. :slight_smile: BTW, trying to replicate my ideas using simple graphics software was probably the funniest part of doing this task :grin:

(Hrishikesh Patil) #5

Got my task approved by @f4ww4z

My idea is to update the links in a few pages under the System Administration module, which I’ve also documented in my report. This is the related JIRA issue

Will work on another task meanwhile, and come back to work on this as a GCI task

(Satvik Shrivastava) #6

Hello Everyone! I have prepared a report on UI issues of OpenMRS Ref Application and have also suggested measure to improve it. My submission was approved by @f4ww4z

You can check it here: UI issues Report

The 3 components I focused on are:

1) Registration of patient: I proposed a ‘next button’ to proceed further in form filling.

2) Appointment Request: I proposed a simple Time Zone conversion tool.

3) Finding Patient Record: I proposed a listing of complete patient data along with it’s systematic arrangement.

I have explained all these proposals in the PDF.

Thank you! :slight_smile: