Patient Queueing in Refapp

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Hello I Have some questions on Queueing of patients in Refapp

  1. Is there a module that handles Queueing of patients (having ability to send patients from one point of care to another with assigned clinic providers).
  2. I have not seen this happen in Refapp currently. Yet Its really necessary.
  3. Is it possible to build it in Refapp

Here is a sample use case on this. A patient walks in the health centre and is registered. Then sent to triage for Vitals. After Triage patient is sent to either doctor, Lab or Pharmacy. The place where this patient is sent to can also send this patient to any place with specific people to see or services to carry out in a given place.

@dkayiwa @mogoodrich @ssmusoke @rkorytkowski @wyclif requesting that you join in this discussion

Is this module of help?

Just in case you find these links useful:

cc @BandaHealth

@dkayiwa Thanks for the links and references

@dkayiwa thanks for the reference. will check it out and give you feedback.

@dkayiwa. I looked at Patient Lists and it could not provide what I envisioned for Patient Queueing. I will come up with a model then share it here. If possible include the data model in the OpenMRS Core.

@dkayiwa I would like to bring this discussion back with reference to a wiki page that I found about patient queueing I am interested in working around this project and completing it. I would like to be guided on the following

  1. How do I get a repository on the openmrs repository.
  2. How do I get to modify the exciting design on the wiki to one that is quite simplified.

You could create a new wiki page for your design proposal and share it here.

Here is a Wiki to the Module. Kindly feel free to supplement to requirements.

Thanks @slubwama for putting this up. Though it seems to be dealing with more than just patient queueing, correct?

Yes. I also Has a Clinician Dashboard which comes in handy for Clinicians to See their workload of the day

Hi @slubwama, thanks for sharing this.

Is there already a POC to look at, or this is still being designed?

@mksd This is Still work in progress. Thou the first commit of code is ready. When the Repo is created by @dkayiwa I will commit it for review and in the process People can contribute more.

This could have a great opportunity of being reused if it could be plugged elsewhere, will this come as an OWA?

Its Scaffolded as a module other than an owa. But If Its demanded, I could look into it.

I’m afraid a good old module with GSP pages and fragments will hit the wall at some point.

Because of all what’s happening between OpenMRS React Components and the move to micro frontends, I would really strongly suggest to embrace all this.

Your views should be living in a reusable UI library (such as OpenMRS React Components), and the whole thing should be packaged as an OWA. As for the backend, it should be RESTful.

If your UI development is not too far yet and that it’s possible to go for the above, please yes, I would advocate for it.

Just adding to the mix :slight_smile: , OWA is an obsolete standard. An amazing future for OpenMRS

So If OWA is an obsolete standard Who do you Advise I work around this.

Looping in @joeldenning who is leading the microfrontends squad:

Yes it’s an obsolete standard but 1) it is SPA/micro-frontend friendly, meaning that developing through an OWA will not cause troubles down the line, there is a clear path to SPA and 2) GSP is completely obsolete.

I would put your UI components in OpenMRS React Components, if you do so, the place where you eventually bundle them for final delivery becomes much more of a detail, whether wrapped inside a GSP or bundled in an OWA.

Well This discussion seems to be Interesting. I will follow on from this. Let me put in some research to see how I transform what I have to be micro-front end friendly.