New Modules Release: OpenHMIS Visit Tasks and Patient Lists

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(Kelli Muhindi) #1

Hello Everyone,

The BandaHealth (formerly OpenHMIS) team is glad to announce our new OpenHMIS Visit Tasks and Patient List modules.

Visit Tasks Module

This module allows users to create, track and manage common tasks carried out on patients during a hospital visit.

Patient List Module

With the Patient List module, users can create a custom lists of patients from specific selection rules/criteria on patient/visit details or attributes.

You can access our demo2 site which has been updated to include these modules as well.

Login credentials: username: demo; password: Demo1234

Full Documentation:


Kindly don’t hesitate to reach out to us if/when you come across any issues while installing/using our modules.

Our issue tracker

Our Chat room:

With thanks,

Kelly, BandaHealth (formerly OpenHMIS) Team

Patient Queueing in Refapp
(Daniel Kayiwa) #2

Awesome work! :slight_smile:

Is any of your team going to demo this during the Malawi conference?

@elechero just in case you need this.

(Jeremy Ogembo) #3

@dkayiwa Thanks.

I guess we could if there is a slot available.

Jeremy Banda Health

(Andrew Moko) #4

We would love to get feedback on whoever tries out either or both the modules! Thanks


(Daniel Kayiwa) #5

Do you also get this error “java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot find controller or view for fragment: load.reusable.modules” on clicking “Patient List” from the home page?

(Jeremy Ogembo) #6

Are you trying it on Platform 2.x? These modules currently ran on Platform 1.11.x We are however in the process of adding support for platform 2.x

(Daniel Kayiwa) #7

Am accessing your demo server.

(Jeremy Ogembo) #8

Thanks for the headsup. This has been fixed. Please try again.