📣 Ozone 1.0.0-alpha.10 Released

Dear Community

:mega: We are thrilled to let you all know that Ozone HIS 1.0.0-alpha.10 :label: was released on May 27th :tada:

This is a very important alpha release, in most respects it is almost a first beta (we have debated internally whether this one should already be beta.1 or not). That’s because Ozone HIS 1.0.0’s architecture won’t change anymore and its set of features is almost fixed.

What’s new in 1.0.0-alpha.10


  • Complete upgrade of the EIP Java stack.
    • Now based on Java 17, including the latest OpenMRS EIP 4.0.0 for all routes involving OpenMRS.
  • Introduction of the Ozone Maven Archetype that helps adopters and implementers in creating and configuring their own distributions of Ozone HIS.
  • Refactoring and documentation of Ozone’s E2E test suite.


  • Addition of ERPNext 15.12.2 in Ozone FOSS… thanks to Palladium :kenya: Kenya :clap:
  • Upgrade to O3 beta.18.
  • Upgrade to SENAITE 2.3.0 in Ozone FOSS


Ozone Docs :page_facing_up: reorganised and expanded – and there is a lot more :writing_hand: to come between now and the first beta.


Centralised authorization :shield: through Keycloak utilized as the default user directory.

Try out 1.0.0-alpha.10

What does the roadmap look like?

Which What When
alpha.11 O3 upgraded to beta.21+.
Odoo-OpenMRS flows at par with ERPNext-OpenMRS flows.
ERPNext-OpenMRS fully included in Ozone Pro.
Mid-June 2024
alpha.12 Expanded Ozone HIS ecosystem with
- OpenELIS Global as an added LIMS component,
- HCW@Home as a tele-consultation component,
- (Still tbc) Bahmni EMR as an added EMR component.
~Sept 2024
beta.1 Ozone HIS 1.0.0 made stable and documented w/ all new feature development moved to version 1.1.x. Q4 2024

Any feedback :speech_balloon: on this release will be eagerly welcome either here on Talk or on the #ozone Slack channel.

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Great news, excellent collaboration between @palladium Kenya and @Mekom


Huge congratulations on the inclusion of ERPNext!!


Thank you @drjaqobo :pray:

We are thrilled to highlight the significant collaboration with @palladium Kenya with the support of CDC Kenya. This breakthrough initiative, established at the end of 2023, has enabled the integration of ERPNext within the Ozone HIS ecosystem during Q1 and Q2 2024.

KenyaHMIS now leverages the Ozone stack with ERPNext for billing and inventory management, integrated with OpenMRS 3 over FHIR. This is an important milestone that helps transform the potential of OpenMRS-based systems in Kenya, through the KenyaEMR distribution, to address the wide range of needs and requirements of OPD clinics, and beyond.