Order Templates

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Have pinged my compatriots about this, but everyone super busy around HIMSS

Hey Everyone

I have included this feature on the roadmap for platform 2.4. It would be great if we can use a design forum call to discuss next steps .

I have created a doodle poll to confirm a date for discussion

@jdick @burke @mseaton @akanter

Thanks Everyone for voting.

We have 2 tentative dates for this discussion:

18 March and 20th March

@jdick @burke can you confirm if these dates are suitable for you? that way I can go ahead to schedule the meeting

Either should work for me.

Unfortunately, I’ll be on holiday the week of 18 March, which means I will miss 18th or 20th of March.

FYI – the Wednesday design call is an hour earlier than indicated on the Doodle poll (i.e., 2pm EDT or 6pm UTC). I don’t know if this would allow @akanter to participate on 27 March.

Unfortunately that is Spring Break week and I won’t be attending any meetings March 24-29.

@burke @akanter @jdick @mseaton @dkayiwa @samji ducake

Can we meet on Wednesday March 13 during the Wednesday design call which holds normally at 7pm UTC?

Our next option would be early April? this may be too late

We just noticed a small potential gap in the drug_order table. If you choose to NOT include a drug_inventory_id (which is optional), and instead provide the extra fields required (about dosing), there is no way to specify the formulation in the drug_order table. It doesn’t have a column to represent this. If one were to submit to drug orders, say for a capsule and a tablet, for the same medication, and did not use the drug_inventory_id, there would be no way to distinguish one from the other.

@burke, @wyclif, am I missing something?

@jdick - wouldn’t 2 formulations be represented by 2 different Drugs in the Drug table?

In this case, we wouldn’t be using the drug table to reference the drug, we would be manually inserting. We’re trying to avoid the constraint of placing orders in a quantity of a specific formulation. Our pharmacies do not use OpenMRS to manage their formulary so it doesn’t make sense to put orders using strengths based in the formulary. For example, we’d rather have the order by for amlodipine 10 mg, regardless of the various formulations available in the drug table (say there is only amlodipine 5 mg there) .

In general, given that OpenMRS doesn’t really have a pharmacy component, it seems overly burdensome to constrain orders in terms of what’s available in the drug table. Would be nice to either uncouple this or build out components necessary to support the needs of a pharmacy.

@jdick, sorry I’m not fully understanding. I thought you wanted to be able to distinguish “Capsule” from “Tablet” the Order level. You wrote:

Wouldn’t this imply that the doctors are ordering at this level of specificity?

If you are actually referring to the formulation dispensed, wouldn’t this be something you’d capture as an Obs that is related to the Order and you could capture whatever granularity you want in an obs group? Sorry if I’m missing something obvious.

Best, Mike

Are we meeting now?


We want to avoid (if possible) writing orders in terms of drug strengths. This means we can not use references to the drug table as this is required or each entry there.

Instead, we would essentially provide all the same information to create the order (dose, frequency) but ideally would provide all the information associated with ordering a drug that is within the drug table (except strength, # of pills) since there are more pharmacy functions and not emr functions (i think).

In your question above, we want to be able to provide formulation, just not strength. So it’s a hybrid of what currently is allowed.

Dear All

Please note that this design forum slot for Wednesday 20th March UTC 7pm.

Will Burke be able to join? It’s quite critical he’s present.

Burke will not be present this week.

He mentioned he will be back next week. but @akanter may not be available. Unless we move the meeting to April first week?

Kindly advise

I am not available Wed at 2pm CDT unfortunately and I am not here next week either (Spring break). I would go with Burke’s availability as I can always get caught up on recommended content requirements.

Hey Everyone

Can we then select a session from the following dates?

@jdick, sorry for the (long) delay in responding to this. Not sure if this matches exactly what you are looking for, but I wanted to point you to work that was started to leverage order sets, templates, groups, dosing instructions, etc. for chemotherapy ordering. This is a mixture of completed tickets, code that is mostly complete and sitting in branches, and some that are not yet started. The documentation and demo videos included should be helpful too.

  1. First this thread on designing chemotherapy ordering

  2. Some tickets related to this thread (labeled with “chemo-order”)

  3. A module, which is mostly documentation, with a particularly helpful README that links to a demo video that shows what this in-progress work looks like

I’d be very happy to discuss further. We’d love to take this work over the finish line.

Best, Mike

Hey Everyone

@jdick , @burke and @mseaton are available for the design forum call April 3rd at 6pm UTC.

Can you confirm availability so that I can book the calendar?