Order Templates

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(Jonathan Dick) #1

Dear All,

We are reviving our efforts to integrate order entry into our implementation. We are running OpenMRS platform 2.12.

In the backend, I can see there are tables for order_set and order_group but I having a hard time finding documentation on what these refer to (and how to interact via REST). Any guidance would be much appreciated.

One important feature we are looking for are order templates. So for example, we have clinicians in our hypertension clinic who generally order the same hypertension drugs. It would be great to design a set of the these common prescriptions that could inform the UI (i.e. show common orders) to make it a little easier to order the drug of choice. Can we use order_set for this?


@gschmidt, @nkimaina, @rtanui, @achachiez

(Daniel Kayiwa) #2

As for how to interact with order sets via REST, is this test good enough as an example? https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-module-webservices.rest/blob/e5e4c7d67cb0026d7ea99514fbad3e602f8a1f68/omod-1.12/src/test/java/org/openmrs/module/webservices/rest/web/v1_0/controller/openmrs1_12/OrderSetController1_12Test.java

(Jonathan Dick) #3

Thanks @dkayiwa.

We are still looking for guidance though on whether it’s appropriate to use the order groups/sets as templates in the way described above. It seems this was an intended use case based on this post here: https://wiki.openmrs.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=34146504. Though it is quite old. @burke, does it still apply? Is there more recent documentation?

The wiki mentions that “order sets can contain 0-to-n members; each member can be a reference to an orderable concept, an order template (pre-defined order), or another order set.”

However, it’s not obvious to me from the data model how one creates an “order template (pre-defined order)”. Does anyone have any insight on how to do this? Are there any docs one could point us to for using the rest api to create an order set with an order template?

Thank you


(Mike Seaton) #4

@jdick, this makes sense to me. We started trying to use the new order set and order group constructs for Oncology - chemotherapy regimens - in a project several months back. There is likely much we can learn and/or draw from that experience, which is still very much in an unfinished state. Will try to dig up an summarize where things currently stand around this.

(Jonathan Dick) #5

This would be much appreciated.

(Jonathan Dick) #6

@mseaton , out of curiosity, when you created your order entry module, did you uncouple backend from frontend? By any chance, did you create an OWA that we could potentially install/update ourselves?

(Jonathan Dick) #7

Per Burke, the functionality for order templates has been modeled but not yet implemented. @mseaton, is there any chance you guys started work on this? We have two junior devs who we’d like to assign a task like this to if there is still need.


(Mike Seaton) #8

@jdick, I will try to document where things are today and get back to you as soon as I can.

(Jonathan Dick) #9

much appreciated

(Burke Mamlin) #10

@akanter, do you know of a standard or freely available database of order templates (e.g., source metadata for dosages within FHIR 4’s notion of a MedicationKnowledge resource)?

Even if we can’t find a database of pre-canned order templates, it would be good to structure what we make to converge with FHIR’s approach to modeling the information.

(Andrew Kanter) #11

Have pinged my compatriots about this, but everyone super busy around HIMSS