Design Forum March 20th 6 pm UTC : Order Templates

This week Wednesday we will be discussing order templates functionality as described by Jonathan Dick :

Dear All,

We are reviving our efforts to integrate order entry into our implementation. We are running OpenMRS platform 2.12.

In the backend, I can see there are tables for order_set and order_group but I having a hard time finding documentation on what these refer to (and how to interact via REST). Any guidance would be much appreciated.

One important feature we are looking for are order templates. So for example, we have clinicians in our hypertension clinic who generally order the same hypertension drugs. It would be great to design a set of the these common prescriptions that could inform the UI (i.e. show common orders) to make it a little easier to order the drug of choice. Can we use order_set for this?


The discussion is ongoing on this thread: Order Templates

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