OpenMRS Platform Roadmap

As we prepare for the next release of the OpenMRS platform, which we plan to happen towards the end of this year, are there any new features or bug fixes that you would like to happen in this coming release?

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@dkayiwa thanks for this communication let us put up a list of thinks which we would love to see in platform.

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Thanks @dkayiwa for the heads up. @ruhanga we need to start thinking about this :thinking:


Hi Daniel. Thanks for tagging me on this conversation. I don’t know how well this will sit with the rest, but I have been longing to see immunizations and chronic illnesses moved to own models. Allergies, for instance, has become very easy to collect and report on after it was moved outside of obs.

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Do you mind explaining a bit more about chronic illnesses? What kind of observations are currently represented by this?

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FYI we will be discussing this on this Thursday’s TAC call:

Some notes from our TAC discussion on the Platform Roadmap last week:

Our main goal: Make Platform as easy to support as possible.

  1. Community Priority: Implement Encounter Context and Visit Context.
  2. Community Priority: Extract Immunization like we did for Allergies, Conditions, Diagnosis.
  3. Support for Tomcat 10 - many newcomers come with v10 installed, run into errors, ask for help, and then we discover the issue is their Tomcat version. Still support running with Tomcat 8.
  4. Support for Java 17 - many newcomers come with Java 17 installed, run into errors, we discover the issue is Java 17. RefApp currently runs well on Java 11, but not 17. (LTS after 11 is 17.) People should be able to develop in the latest LTS of Java, but we want to be able to run on a previous LTS, e.g. still support running on Java 8 (thinking of Implementers). (As we try out 17, will depend on what we figure out; if can’t support Java 8, might decide to either cancel 17 update, or drop 8, etc. - we try not to just drop support for a previous version due to the difficulty this causes for implementers.)
  5. Upgrade to Liquibase 4.19.0 - for patches included. Need to check if this upgrade would cause any complexity for us.
  6. Upgrade to Hibernate 6.1.7.Final - for patches included. Need to check if this upgrade would cause any complexity for us.
  7. Upgrade to Spring 6.0.5 - for patches included. Need to check if this upgrade would cause any complexity for us.
  8. Upgrade other small libraries to their latest versions.
  9. Replace the Standalone with something else. Very old, can’t even build in our latest releases - we disable it as the technology no longer works and is no longer supported. We now just ship the .war file and README. Suggestion to leverage Docker - something that works by double clicking and then just runs.
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Hi @grace,

I’d like to add one more to the list, hopefully this is still welcome: TRUNK-6169 mentioned in the topic below,

cc @mksd


Very welcome indeed @ruhanga! CC @dkayiwa