OpenMRS Platform 2.6.0 Released!

Dear community,

This is to let everyone know that the OpenMRS Platform 2.6.0 has been released and the release notes can be found at Platform Release Notes 2.6.0 - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki.

This is a major release version of the OpenMRS API that follows 2.5.8. It can be found in the following places:

Something exciting and worth mentioning is that the alpha and beta releases have successfully been tested against the UAT Platform Server and the qarefapp server and no issues/bugs were recorded.

Release Manager(s): @mherman22 @abertnamanya and @dkayiwa as our mentor.

Special thanks goes to everyone that has contributed greatly to this particular version of platform. Thanks to @dkayiwa @burke @ibacher @raff @tendomart @kdaud @jwnasambu @jayasanka and the entire Platform team and QA Team for the technical guidance.

The Bundled Modules and OWAs can be found at openmrs-distro-platform/pom.xml at 2e28ba9517478c0e364e2c6546e146ede9c8293c · openmrs/openmrs-distro-platform · GitHub and they include the following;-

  • REST Web Services v2.38.0
  • OWA v1.14.0
  • FHIR2 v1.8.0

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@mherman22 Congratulations for enduring to the end.


Wowww this is great. Congratulations to the team.

Congrats @mherman22 thanks for pushing hard, did you ask @dkayiwa to include this blog at ?

done, checkout OpenMRS Platform 2.6.0 Released –

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Thanks @mherman22 and @abertnamanya for pushing this work to the finish line.

Just one question for you → Do we have the Platform 2.6.0 Standalone and WAR(for Enterprise) editions available on the download page?

Thanks @kdaud but to answer your question;-

  • The WAR file can be found at Download openmrs.war (OpenMRS) ( i am gonna update the website to reflect the link on the downloads page).
  • For the standalone, i could get clarity from @dkayiwa or @ibacher @raff , our ci pipeline doesn’t seem to create a standalone anymore(i could be wrong).

That will be great! so the users can have access to the link via :openmrs: website.

What would be the recommended way to upgrade to core 2.6.0 for instances currently running on core 2.5.8 without disturbing the DB or breaking anything?

Could not find the instructions for the upgradation process in the release notes

Thank you!

cc: @mherman22

Not quite certain, However, take a look at Upgrading Core on a running instance of OpenMRS (looks to be your post though :slight_smile: ) and How to update the OpenMRS Core version of Bahmni?

/cc: @ibacher @dkayiwa @kdaud

@mherman22 did you take a look at the readme which you uploaded here? OpenMRS - Browse /releases/OpenMRS_Platform_2.6.0 at

Thanks @dkayiwa for the pointer :slight_smile:.

@nischith i have added this to the release notes at Platform Release Notes 2.6.0 - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki.