OpenMRS Platform 2.6.0-alpha (Ready for Testing)

Hello Everyone,

As we continue with the release process of OpenMRS Platform 2.6.0, I am thrilled to inform everyone that we have reached the alpha phase and that our OpenMRS Platform 2.6.x build is now passing and ready for End to End testing

I am therefore calling upon all volunteers, implementations, distributions, squads and all other interested parties to test out this prelease version of OpenMRS Platform 2.6.0.

Find the prelease notes/documentation for OpenMRS Platform 2.6.0-alpha at

Platform 2.6.0-alpha can be found in the following places;-

NOTE: Feel free to use this excel sheet to give feedback on the testing you have done on a given functionality for platform 2.6.0-alpha. →

Thanks in Advance!

/cc: @abertnamanya @dkayiwa @burke @grace @tendomart @ibacher @Mekom @PIH @jwnasambu @ugandaemr @kdaud @AMPATH @ruhanga @christine @devnull @dev1 @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5


Thanks so much Herman for this clear write up, and your efforts on this important release!

Question for you and @dkayiwa; Are there any particular areas of high impact of high risk change that you’re concerned about that you’d like focused on in manual testing?

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Thanks @mherman22 what’s the deadline for rudimentary testing ?

Thanks @mherman22 for getting this done! I was just wondering, can we leverage our Automated 2.x E2E tests, to test the release?


correct me if i am wrong @jayasanka @dkayiwa , but since we are having platform 2.6.0-alpha running on, doesn’t that mean that the Automated E2E Tests on the ref2app-qa-repo framework are spinning from it?

/c: @kdaud @sharif

@jayasanka that should be a key part of the release process. Infact it was supposed to be the default thing before any manual testing is done. But we need to first invest time in finding out why the corresponding bamboo CI build is failing. @jayasanka do you think this is something that you can look into?

@dkayiwa, I’m glad to take on the task of investigating the bamboo CI build failure. However, I’ll need to gain a better understanding of the implementation first. I’ve reached out to Daud to schedule a chat to clarify any questions I have. Additionally, I noticed that the GitHub actions on the repo haven’t been run in a while, so I reran them all. It looks like most of them are passing.

@mherman22 regarding your question, I checked GitHub workflows and it seems they are configured to run against a docker container, as you can see in this workflow file

This is the compose file: openmrs-contrib-qaframework/docker-compose-refqa.yml at master · openmrs/openmrs-contrib-qaframework · GitHub


It has been set for 23rd Januaryt, 2023 which is this coming Monday

The one that i see in this regard is the CSRF protection that we implemented.

This serves as a reminder, we are nearing the close of this rudimentary exercise for the platform 2.6.0-alpha. Let’s spare a few moments and test this prerelease.

We can use the following google sheet to capture our test results →

/cc: @jayasanka @kdaud @tendomart @jnsereko @jwnasambu @gracebish @herbert24 @abertnamanya @irenyak1 @devnull @dev1 @dev2 @dev3 @Mekom @christine @AMPATH @PIH @ugandaemr.

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Great work. We are in your wake. Please keep it up. You are making the world a better place

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