Upgrading Core on a running instance of OpenMRS

The system config is OpenMRS core 2.6.0 / Refapp 2.13.0-SNAPSHOT / Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

Please suggest the correct way to replace an existing version of core with another one, on a running instance of OpenMRS without disturbing the ongoing settings including the Database entries. I was not able to find any docs in this regard and so reaching out here for the correct guidelines.

Thank you.

Which version of core are you upgrading to?

Right now the instance is running on OpenMRS core 2.6.0 and I might have to upgrade to it to a customised version of 2.6.0 itself to suit a local requirement.

What changes are in the customised version of 2.6.0?

The customisation will involve changing the value of a setting mentioned in the following doc (the value of which can’t be altered through the Global Properties setting right now):

Managing User Lockout

So, as described above after a certain number of failed login attempts the Users get locked out for just 5 minutes and this time is not configurable right now through the global properties. Our requirement is to permanently lock the User out and allow only the Admin to reactivate the User later.

To make this possible, the only way I see right now is to make changes here and alter the value from 300000 to a very high number.

Thank you.

How about creating a ticket and raising a pull request to make that configurable in openmrs core, instead of maintaining a customised version/fork?

I have created a ticket here and hoping to start working on it soon. Thanks.


Now that the above feature has been committed to the openmrs core main repo, we need to upgrade the Core in our running instance. Is upgrading core as simple as replacing the old web app file on the server with the newly built version of core? Will this not disturb the existing Database in any way?


Since you were already using the latest snapshot version of core, the upgrade to that commit should be simple. But still, ensure that you first back up your database, just in case.

hello sir i need too add some information in Installing OpenMRS - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki besacuse some issue in windows 11 that come when you insttaling and run project and that step not there .

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