OpenMRS Operational Plan CY 16 DRAFT

Posting this document for the strategic objective leads to edit. If you are a community member, please feel free to reach out to the lead of each objective through the strategic objective posts on the leadership talk site to provide comments and input.


Link to the document is here: Google Doc

Community Management Team asks 12_17_15.docx (66.1 KB)

adding the community management team asks here ( were already added to the openmrs leadership call 12/17) thanks. terry

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The Operational Plan has moved quickly along!! Please take time to add your comments to what we have done. Our goal is to have the operational plan be a living document BUT also commit to delivering specific outcomes. Thanks for your ongoing support and assistance. Terry

as you know, we are driving our performance plan from our operational plan; this link should take you to the performance plan in an excel document. we will be following this on at least a quarterly basis for updating the status of the operational plan to the community. There may still be changes coming, esp in Goal 2. Thanks again of your engagement. terry