A microservice based approach to feature development

Dear All,

In our move to OpenMRS platform v2.1 we also switched to a docker container/swarm based approach to our deployment. We wonder if it might be interesting for others to see more about how we are managing our architecture.

We have created a number of custom features for our implementation using a nodejs based approach. Our repository has become a catch all for all extras we’ved need over the past few years. We are at the point of planning out how to reorganize this and are seriously considering a microservice based approach using docker containers. This could serve as an additional and alternative way for module development.

We would be very curious to learn if others are either pursing this approach or have interest in doing so.

Perhaps we could schedule a call in the coming weeks to further discuss.


JJ, @nkimaina, @achachiez and the AMPATH team.


This would be interesting to hear about, maybe at a design call to share your approach and experiences

Am excitedly looking forward to this. Thanks @jdick for sharing. :slight_smile:

@jdick please go to Propose a Design Forum Topic to share some details about this topic so we can get it on the design calendar.