OpenMRS Inc Board of Directors First Quarter 2018 Report from the Community


We have put together and provided community updates and progress on the annual strategic objectives to the OpenMRS Inc BOD for Quarter 1, 2018. Please feel free to share widely. Thanks for everyone’s ongoing contributions and commitment to the OpenMRS community.

First Quarter 2018 OpenMRS Community to Board Report.pdf (455.5 KB)

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Is there a report from the board to the community?

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This is awesome, thanks @janflowers!

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None other than my summaries that I provide. But I’ll take that suggestion back to the board in the next meeting (July). It would be helpful to know what kinds of things you might like to hear about from the board so I can help them create that?

I was picturing things like:

  • List of active board members with little bio and role on the board.
  • Some notion of health of the board
  • Quotes/thoughts of one or more board members
  • Goals/plans/wish list for supporting the community financially or in other ways (i.e., some insight into what the board is up to)
  • How to contact or ask questions

we actually have asked the Board to do that-at least respond to the report with ideas/suggestions/way forward. It would be great if they could talk about that at their next meeting. Terry

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