Proposal for OpenMRS Board of Directors Bi-Annual Letter to the Community

Awesome suggestions. I’ve started an outline here that I’d like to finetune for the next BoD meeting (July) to review with them.

Hi All - I’ve updated a draft idea of the letter from the BOD to the community. I’ve specifically focused on creating a way for the Board to self-evaluate their own performance and support of the community. I’d really appreciate comments from folks on whether this is something that the community would find valuable. You don’t have to have any experience in Boards to provide input on this. There is an introductory paragraph in the document that explains what the role of the Board is for the community and why it is important that will help those that haven’t worked with Boards before. You can comment on this or any other part of the document as well.

My goal is to present this at the next BOD meeting in a couple of weeks as a proposal from us in the community, for what we would like the BOD to report out to us every 6 months. In that discussion, the BOD will decide whether they want to do these measures or something else, but it gives them a starting place to think about what we want from them.


This is excellent. Just to repeat a comment, @akanter was right - the self-assessment board tool appears comprehensive and actionable.

I like the goal of providing sufficient information to Charity Navigator that they can complete the evaluation of OpenMRS. That also seems like it will give us a great point of reference for OpenMRS’ structure and health, and anything less than a perfect score will give us a roadmap to improve our organization.

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