OpenMRS fundraising

We have been working on identifying our fundraising needs and developing a plan to address these needs over the next few weeks. These discussions have been occurring within the Operational Plan #6 discussions. In addition, this information has been occurring within the Leadership Team Calls. We are looking at having a 2- 3hour workathon to get the fundraising and the partnership plans in better shape. We will uberconference once we determine the timing of this meeting/ call. Our goal is to try to get plans and documents that make sense out to the community and the leadership team for their review and comment. If you are interested in being involved in helping us develop, formulate and implement a fundraising plan that will be successful.

Please refer to the 2015 Annual Report as that included our need for funding for OpenMRS to meet the increasing needs of our community. Thanks. @terry


Thank you for making this public!

This sounds Interesting. I will be glad to make my contributions.

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here is the current fundraising plan; comments and opinions welcome! thanks.

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Here is the process we’re pursuing as we implement our fundraising plan. Your feedback is encouraged! Thanks.