OpenMRS Annual Report 2015

Dear fellow community members,

We are pleased to publish our first OpenMRS Annual Report. A small group of volunteers has spent the last two months developing this report with input and feedback from many of you. This is your report! Your ongoing contributions to the community, together with your valuable input throughout the past decade, has resulted in the vibrant community that we know as OpenMRS. This report is a snapshot of that work over the past year.

Click the preview image to download a PDF version:

Read a press release about the annual report: openmrs-releases-2015-annual-report.pdf (9.6 KB)

This is the first of many annual reports to come. We hope you’ll continue to be involved in the good work that this report highlights, and that others of you will join us in preparing future reports when the time comes.

Your passion, your involvement, your insights, and your guidance continue to ensure that OpenMRS is a living, responsive community. Your energy helps us impact the lives of over 5 million people on a day to day basis. Your perseverance and actions help us move closer to achieving a world where health equity is possible. Thanks for all that you do, every day, to make that vision a reality. You are the life of OpenMRS, and we honor you with this report.

With endless thanks, Terry Cullen On behalf of the OpenMRS Leadership Team