Hello, Myself Avinash Vijayvargiya, a 2nd year student of VIT,Pune

I like to contribute in openmrs-contrib-android-client

Can someone guide how to find 1st time issue


@avinash14022002 kindly look at GSoC 2021- Guidelines for interested students

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Can someone review the code for openmrs-contrib-android-client

Service package is converted to kotlin

@avinash14022002 I think you should make a pull request if you want to request a review for your changes with a proper JIRA ticket. It will be easier for other developers to review your code. Please follow this link Pull Request Tips - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki.

Thank you.

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@avinash14022002 you can have a look at the issues for android client here Android Client Issues.

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ma’am, The issue is not created yet

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@avinash14022002 First you have to create an issue here. After that you can make a pull request so that other developer review your changes.

Please check out this link once. It is mentioned here, how you can create an issue.

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ma’am, I am unable to login to the system…

For issue creation

Please make sure you are logged in and have JIRA permission.

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I am logged in but don’t have permission for jira

@avinash14022002 Please check this out Jira Service Management and request for OpenMRS issues and wiki access.

@medhavi ma’am, Created the account waiting for the conformation

It will get activated soon. Don’t worry.
And then follow the guide shared by @medhavi, for creating an issue, and then you can submit a PR for the same.
All the best. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

@ujjwaltyagi355 sir , @medhavi ma’am,

My account didn’t got activated…

I am ready with my set of PR

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I am not a “sir”, I am also a student. :stuck_out_tongue:
So we are all friends here, you can call everyone by name. :slightly_smiling_face:
All the best for your way ahead. :+1:

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No issues with that, you can add it later as well when your account gets activated.

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Sure, thanks @ujjwaltyagi355

okay, So, I will create PR then and will link with issue afterwards

My account is created so can I start working or any permission is required?

You can create ticket and ask mentor to set your ticket ready for “Ready for Work” or “Waiting for Dev”. This will help you avoid wasting time working on what is not necessary.

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