Open Web Apps Convention Documentation

We already have proper convention documentation for Java based development. But do we have convention documentation for Open Web App development including this following topics,

  1. Js coding conventions and coding style
  2. User Interface design disciplines (proper elements usage)
  3. Include testing libraries for Js based development
  4. Third party Js libraries usage disciplines (want to test before common usage)

@dkayiwa Currently we all are busy with Open web app development in different ways. We can merge all of them into one convention using this documentation :slight_smile:.

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Hi @suthagar23, my team and I are currently working on the cohort-builder OWA module, we use

  1. Eslint with an extension of the AirBNB style guide for code conventions.
  2. Bootstrap 3 for the user interface
  3. Enzyme to test React component

I would be interested in contributing to this documentation.

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There is something here, but it could definitely be improved. The Concept Dictionary OWA is probably our best app, so I suggest using what they’ve done as a starting point for our guidelines.

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@pascal I already referred JavaScript Ecosystem and It expresses only the tools and some other guides. I wish to have a proper documentation under OpenMRS Community for Open Web App development.

For a long time, I planned to create a documentation like this for Open Web App development. The Idea of this documentation was raised from these problems,

  1. There are a lot of CSS and Js libraries available for the web development and we all are using much of them. And Finally, we made it as same output(UI) with a different pattern of CSS and JS libraries.

  2. We are not following proper conventions while developing Open Web Apps,

  • We have OpenMRS header and Breadcrumbs for the development, but for the other purpose like headers, field sets, buttons, notifications we all are following different ways to achieve the output (Using some other CSS styles will override the existing OpenMRS Styles).

  • Using CSS and Js, We can end up to similar UI with different styles. Here we all are following a different kind of style guides to achieve those outputs.

  • Open Web apps will play a major role in user experience to the end users. So we should think about before implementing the front end. But most of us, haven’t thought about that user experience while developing the Open Web Apps.

  • Js plays a major part in web attacks through the Internet. But we are just injecting and using some third party libraries to achieve some task without caring about those problems.

  • We are not following the Class comments and methods comments guides like Java developments here. It may help to identify the usage of the class/methods easily in future.

  1. We have a proper logging method for backends but still not have any proper logging methods for the Open web apps. In a case of some problems, We can’t debug and get logs for Open Web apps modules.

It’s better to create a convention documentation for Open Web App development including the solutions which I mentioned above will help to developers in a good way :slight_smile:

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@suthagar23 do you wanna build on what Pascal pointed to by adding what you think is missing? :slight_smile:

Yah @dkayiwa :slight_smile: