Next Steps For OpenMRS OWA Generator ✨

Hii everyone !!

After introducing some new components and setting up a proper testing environment, we are glad that a new version (v0.5.0) of the OWA generator has been published and now we are planning to introduce the FHIR support into the OWA Generator. Me and my mentor (@pascal ) discussed about it and we can introduce an example/demo into the generator to show the use of FHIR. The initial moto for this was to enable the developers who know FHIR (and are unaware of the openmrs API) to set them up for the app development quickly. But, we are not sure about it whether it would be a good idea to use the FHIR instead of REST API or not. Every CRUD operations can be performed easily by the use of REST API’s and its also been widely used across the OpenMRS app development. So, I would like to get suggestions from the community that will it be a good idea to introduce the FHIR support for the webapps to be scaffolded from the generator ? Any suggestions / comments will be appreciable !! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ankit kumar


I would vote for starting with support for the REST API. :slight_smile:


Hi @ankitkumar,

The FHIR module supports around 8 to 9 resources. As @dkayiwa mentioned better to start with REST API which is very mature.

Thanks, Harsha


Thanks @dkayiwa and thanks @harsha89 for your suggestions !!

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Okay, so if we stick to using the REST API, what would people like to see generated in the scaffolded AngularJS app? We currently have examples of the following:

  • Correct header usage
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Patient/encounter/provider search
  • Alerts
  • Translation

More examples I can think of are:

  • Patient creation
  • Encounter/visit/obs creation

@dkayiwa and others, can you think of other good example code to scaffold?

Edit: I also want to link the following discussion. Maybe it’s more important to develop and document guidelines and best practices before scaffolding more example code?

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Do you have ReactJS in mind too? :slight_smile:

And Angular 4? :slight_smile:

React (+ Redux) is already an option.


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