Order Entry OWA: File naming conventions

I’m new to React development… is there a particular naming convention we are using for “jsx” files? It looks in the Order Entry UI module all filenames are camel-cased, with the first letter capitalized, with the exception of the “index.jsx” files.

All “js” files are camel-cased, but with the first letter lowercase.

Is there a particular rule used to determine whether the first letter of a filename should be capitalized or not?

Take care, Mark

Thanks for doing your part to address Tech Debt, @mogoodrich!

I believe that we have decided to use the airbnb js style guide, and I thought that it was already incorporated into the Order Entry OWA per this thread.

That style guide says the first letter of JSX files should be capitalized: https://github.com/airbnb/javascript/tree/master/react#naming

Their JS naming is trickier (filename should match default export; camelCase for functions, PascalCase for classes): https://github.com/airbnb/javascript#naming-conventions

(Other references to the airbnb style guide from Pascal, and from Jedidiah about the Cohort Builder OWA.)

Taking a quick look at the js files they all appear to be functions… so I think everything is correct per airbnb with the exception that all the “index.jsx” should be changed to “Index.jsx”.