Nigeria Telemedicine App Project

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(Akshay Verma) #42

I guess it is a totally new project needed to be built from scratch.

(kanika aggarwal) #43

Ok! Thank you for the information.

(Sanjula Madurapperuma) #44

Hi everyone, @isears Sir and @levine Sir. I am Sanjula Madurapperuma, a Software Engineering Undergraduate and I would be extremely happy to work on the Nigeria Telemedicine App Project! I have 4+ years of experience in developing Websites and 3+ years experience in developing Android Applications. I have worked with several languages including Java, XML, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Typescript, SQL, Visual Basic, databases such as Firebase and Heroku and frameworks including Play Framework, Flutter, Spring Framework, .NET Framework. I am willing to learn any technology that I am not familiar with and make the Nigeria Telemedicine app a reality! Thank you! Have a good day!

(Jhon Wick) #45

Hey @isears and @levine, I am interested in this project very much.

I have a good experience in android development and kotlin too.

when going through the GSOC ideas page, I have a question in Application Requirements & Questions point 7 and 8 which requires contribution and pull requests. What is really expected here? Since this is a new project and I see very less co relation with existing project except the OpenMRS API backend.

My question is what sort of pull request and contribution is needed here? And Being a beginner what is expected?

Thank You!


(Gibril Gómez) #46

This sounds like a great project. How do i contribute.

(Aditya Prakash) #47

Hi! @isears, I would love to contribute to the Nigeria telemedicine app project powered by OpenMRS.I have past experience of developing this type of app.I have good knowledge and experience on Android App Development and worked with REST API.

Looking forward to work with you.

(Adedeji Rotibi) #48


@ Isaac Sears , @Barry Levine . I am Adedeji Rotibi a Computer Science student from University of Lagos, Nigeria and I will like to contribute to the telemedicine project powered by OpenMRS.


(Akshay Verma) #49

I guess we need to contribute to OpenMRS client.

(Kapil chaudhary) #50

I am kapil chaudhary. I am Mobile application developer and want to contribute in Telemedicine application, but not be able to find any repository on github regading that. I have read the codebase for Web API . so my question is do i have to create the application from the scratch ? Another question is Can i create a pull request after forming a complete remote repository for Telemedicine application on github ? I have pretty good hand on Flutter Cross-platform application development. I am Mobile application designer because at the end of the day The User-Interface stands out for the whole application. I Work on AdobeXd and Sketch to develop the interaction in Mobile application. I have pretty well work on Android.

I hope to get a reply soon. Thanks !!

(Rohan Sharma) #51

Hello @kapil706 welcome to the community. Nigeria telemedicine App is a project that will be started during Gsoc 2019 and thus there is no GitHub repo available. You have to create the application from scratch.

(Rohan Sharma) #52

I am just a fellow contributor so i have no knowledge regarding this. @isears can surely help you with it.

(Isaac Sears) #53

The idea behind the PR requirement it to get people involved with the OpenMRS community, which is just as important as working on the telemedicine project specifically.

If you want to get involved with the community doing mobile dev, I recommend starting with

(Rohan Sharma) #54

@isears I have submitted my proposal and i am looking forward to hear your reviews soon :slight_smile:

(kanika aggarwal) #55

@isears I have submitted my proposal and I am looking forward to your feedback.

(Muhammad Talha Abdullah) #56

Hello @isears, My name is Talha, a Computer Science graduate and a Native Android Developer from Pakistan. I just got to know about GSoC 2019 and I am pretty much late already. But I still want to be the part of this program. Kindly guide me through the process, if i am eligible to get in or not. I will be submitting my proposal before deadline, hopefully. As per requirement of the process, can you please grant me the badge required. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness. Note: I have never been the part of open source community directly due to the lack of awareness in my region. But yeah, I have participated in MLH 2018( Hosted by Github). And now i want to contribute more as it would a great opportunity for me .

Looking forward to hearing from you. thank you!

Best Regards, Muhammad Talha Abdullah OpenMRS ID:@italha

(Muhammad Talha Abdullah) #57

@isears, due to my keen interest in Nigeria Telemedicine App Project, I want to be the part of team. I want to enhance my knowledge and skills as there is always a room for improvement. Thanks

(Rohan Sharma) #58

Hello @italha sorry for such a late reply but i hope you have submitted your Gsoc application successfully. Also to earn dev/1 status you can give the Smart developer quiz . Just click on my profile or any one else who is dev/1 or higher and click on their respective badges to know more about how you can earn them.

(Saurav Jaiswal) #59

:grinning:Hello community,I started my work on **Nigerian Telemedicine app **due to curisity,so please someone can suggest me ;which color should I choose or theme for backgound of login screen. Here is my Gsoc Proposal,I want to share it also…:grin::grin: GSOC proposal.pdf (224.9 KB)

(Tawrun Vankineeni) #60

Hi @saurav,

Can you go through this link which is about Login feature for the App?

Regarding the colour, I would suggest you make a prototype instead of focusing on UI design. @isears suggest me if anything is wrong.

(Saurav Jaiswal) #61

okay sir ,I will do my best for prototype.