Nigeria Telemedicine App Project

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(Dominic Surrao) #22

Hi @isears @gfburkholder, good idea to consider a cross-platform solution. OpenMRS already has React libraries, so React Native would be a reasonable choice.

(Saurav Jaiswal) #23

@isears @suthagar23 My name is Saurav Jaiswal from India ,and I am eager to get involved in the openMRS community for GSoc; the android related projects especially caught my eye. I have experience in android app development and some in web development as well. I am well into my academic career as a Computer Science student and know that my programming skills would be of great use in these projects.This is my first time interaction with open source community and also in GSoc. I am very eager to contribute in OpenMRS project as to serve in helping the saving lives.

I look forward to working hard for the openMRS community! Thanks for this opportunity


Hey, @isears and @levine I am Kunal a computer science engineering graduate from G.L Bajaj Institute of technology, Greater Noida, India. I have gone through the steps and prerequisites for Negeria Telemedicine App and I must say I am very interested to work for this idea as this seems to be very major problem for clerks. Since I have experience in developing in Java so to make sure I want to confirm is it necessary to develop this application in Kotlin Only.

(Saurav Jaiswal) #25

I am unable to open Openrms in my pc,can someone helpme,to fix it @isears

(Gavin Burkholder) #26

Hi everyone, so a couple days ago I brought up the idea of making this app cross platform from the get go and it seems that this idea has gained some interest. I have begun researching how to make cross platform apps, although I have great experience making solely android apps, I don’t have any experience making cross platform apps. So, I thought I would start a dialogue in here in which we can discuss which platforms and frameworks we all think would be best to make a cross platform app. I suggested React Native and someone else brought up Flutter, what do you all think are the advantages of each one and in the end which (if either) do you think would be best for this project?

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(Isaac Sears) #27

Kotlin was only a suggestion. We’re open to using any technology that gets the job done.

@saurav best to start a different thread to discuss this issue. Let’s keep this topic reserved for discussion of the Nigeria Telemedicine App project.

Thanks again for all the interest everyone, seeing a lot of great ideas in this thread!

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(Saurav Jaiswal) #28

Okay, sir @isears


@isears I would suggest to build this app using React-Native ,so that we can reuse the same code for both Android and IOS. Moreover there is no need for separate iOS and Android teams.

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(Rohan Maity) #30

@isears and @levine. my name is Rohan Maity. I just became Google Certified Android developer. I am proficient in Kotlin lang . Given Talks in Kotlin lang, I follow MVP and use architecture components for Android. Currently I am thinking of Making POC with Integrated Open MRS API , For the proposal of GSOC 19? Would that be fine ? Any suggestions would be appreciated regarding proposal and how to engaging in community

(Varsha Ravindra) #31

Can someone elaborate more on integrating the application with the OpenMRS API backend?

(Daniel Kayiwa) #32

@varsha did you get a chance to look at this?

(Varsha Ravindra) #33

Thank you! Yeah, I spent time yesterday going through it. I understand it so much better now

(Hariram R) #34

Hi @isears and @levine. I Hariram R, wish to participate in developing the Nigeria Telemedicine application as part of GSoC '19. My query is that the OpenMRS organization demands that in order to be considered for selection, ‘/dev/1’ status in needs to be achieved(which requires contributing to other projects) and that I perform code reviews in other projects. These criteria seem rather unrelated to this particular app, so can you please confirm/comment in this regard? Will you be insisting on these criteria in applicants?

(Daniel Kayiwa) #35

@hari2599 yes the criteria applies to all projects under the OpenMRS organisation. The goal of GSoC is not just completing projects, but also mentoring students in the best practices of open source software development in general!

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(kanika aggarwal) #36

Hey everyone !! I have seen a lot of people having interests in cross platform thing . So I wanted to ask that in this project there will be different groups of people who will be allotted different tasks ? Thank you for reading!

(Yogesh Kataria) #37

I was looking at the project Ideas for GSOC 2019 and found the project Nigeria Telemedicine App very interesting and want to contribute to this great idea.

I have one-year experience with Flutter and have made two apps on it both on play store. I was thinking that if this Nigeria Telemedicine app could be made on flutter it would be great because this app could be launched for both Android as well as IOS in the same time frame with almost same functionalities and code base.

This would not only save time but also increase the reach of the app to almost 95% mobile users. And, it will become much easier to scale the app for future expansion or changes.

I eagerly await your precious feedback @isears and @levine .

(Isaac Sears) #38

@kanikaagg I think we’re only going to be able to take on 1 GSoC student for the telemedicine project.

@ykataria We’re definitely open to using Flutter to build a cross-platform solution. Feel free to incorporate that into your proposal.

(kanika aggarwal) #39

@isears Do you want the application from the scratch ?, and is there any criteria for applying ?

(Isaac Sears) #40

Feel free to use any frameworks, but there’s no pre-existing codebase for this, if that’s what you mean. Our requirements are the same as the OpenMRS organization’s requirements.

(kanika aggarwal) #41

I am going to work on android studio . So I was asking that this application is already out there and we have to make changes or it is a totally new project ?