Nigeria Telemedicine App Project

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@isears @dkayiwa @suthagar23 @levine @f4ww4z First of all thanks for accepting my proposal for Nigeria Telemedicine App. Looking forward to working with OpenMRS. but me and @vankineenitawrun both got accepted for the same project, so can you please specify the division of labour.

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@codepoet2017390 @vankineenitawrun Congrats guys.

Congratulations guys @codepoet2017390 @vankineenitawrun!!! So happy that you guys got accepted!

Congrats @codepoet2017390, You will be primarily working on this project :slight_smile: with @isears and @levine


Thanks a lot everyone.

@codepoet2017390 you are the only student on the project. @vankineenitawrun will be handling a different project too. :slight_smile:

Congratulations to @codepoet2017390 @vankineenitawrun!!! Glad that you two got accepted