Next Steps After Sync 2.0 Showcase: Where are we now?

(Cynthia Antwi) #1

Hey Everyone

Its been about 2 months since the Sync 2.0 Showcase. We are looking to find out if there are implementations out there that are working on implementing or including the Sync 2.0 in their implementations to understand the following

  1. Who is currently using or testing Sync 2.0 in their implementation
  2. Are you experiencing any blockers as you try to implement Sync 2.0?

Discussion References:

Please provide your feedback in this discussion thread.

(Brandon Istenes) #2

PIH Mexico is currently blocked on the following Atomfeed bug: NullPointerException when trying to load Atomfeed . It seems that applicationContext is not always linked by Spring at the time that the AtomfeedController attempts to use it.

(Daniel Kayiwa) #3

@bistenes are you able to reproduce this on the standalone version of OpenMRS?