Next Steps After Sync 2.0 Showcase: Where are we now?

Hey Everyone

Its been about 2 months since the Sync 2.0 Showcase. We are looking to find out if there are implementations out there that are working on implementing or including the Sync 2.0 in their implementations to understand the following

  1. Who is currently using or testing Sync 2.0 in their implementation
  2. Are you experiencing any blockers as you try to implement Sync 2.0?

Discussion References:

Please provide your feedback in this discussion thread.

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PIH Mexico is currently blocked on the following Atomfeed bug: NullPointerException when trying to load Atomfeed . It seems that applicationContext is not always linked by Spring at the time that the AtomfeedController attempts to use it.

@bistenes are you able to reproduce this on the standalone version of OpenMRS?

@bistenes do you have any update on that issue?

FYI @alalo @kmadej @pgesek

@mogoodrich patched the Atomfeed problem, it’s waiting on code review:

@bistenes it has been already merged and I think that @mogoodrich is waiting for your feedback to close that issue.

Ah, right. Unfortunately other priorities came up ahead of Sync 2.0, so I haven’t had the opportunity to test that out. Assuming this hasn’t been released yet, I would recommend giving the master branch of Atomfeed a spin and seeing if things work for you. If it has been released and nothing has caught fire, someone should probably close the issue.

@mogoodrich What are the next steps regarding this?

FYI @dkayiwa

@jslawinski I am fine with closing the ticket out if just goes are fine with the change!

@c.antwi The sync2 module only works for specific use cases with significant gaps, so we have been unable to use it at all for UgandaEMR so we have had to invest in alternate approaches

I opened up a couple of tickets here Sync 2.0 Showcase

PS: I only saw this thread when typing a new one asking if there is any plan for OpenMRS Inc to actually get a working version

@ssmusoke have you considered to conrtibute to Sync 2.0?

@maciej how can we convince community to further develop/maintain Sync 2.0?

@jslawinski Currently we do not have the bandwidth as we are contributing to other modules that have a higher priority in our implementation needs.

I want to make special mention of the tremendous contributions made by the Soldevelo team over the years, which have in many ways transformed our usage of OpenMRS.

This particular ask is to the OpenMRS leadership, as the expectation for majority of contributions to come from the implementing community “core dev support” is not working, leading to atrophy in many of the platform’s core functions leading to implementors having to find workarounds hence fragmentation.


I think we could do some promotional materials (I’m thinking about some easy to understand graphics) about the role of Sync 2.0 to convince some people from the community to participate in this project. Showing the developers, how their work is helping real-life people hopefully should convince some of them to participate in this project. I can add this task to the next Sprint of the Social Impact Foundation and I hope that @jennifer and other members of the OpenMRS will help me promote this through the social media and other ways.

Long term goal would be to bring new people to the community (as @ssmusoke wrote the capabilities of the people who are contributing is limited) - I’ve got a couple of ideas how can we help with that, but this more of a long term project.

@ssmusoke are the tickets in a ready for work state such that i reach out to some volunteers to create a two weeks sprint for them?

@dkayiwa Oh yes the tickets are ready SYNCT-326 to SYNCT-331 have been for the last 2 months

I see them in the needs assessment state. Can you make them ready for work?

@dkayiwa Thanks for pointing that out.

I have also included the following new tickets which were in the discussion thread

@maciej as fancy looking promotional materials would be a great thing, I think we should simply start doing many simpler things, like:

  1. Timely respond on talk to people questions.
  2. Encourage people to raise tickets related to Sync 2.0.
  3. Encourage community to work on these tickets.
  4. Promote Sync 2.0 and tasks related to it on OpenMRS talk.

A filter of the collective Sync2 issues is at

@odorajonathan do you think that you can lead a sprint about doing these tickets?