Sync2.0 Sprint for UgandaEMR

@dkayiwa @mozzy @herbert24 Following this discussion and Sync 2.0 showcase, I would like some guidance while preparing the sprint and on what is left before having the sprint ready. Am trying to create the Jira homepage, though the documentation is not as clear


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do you mean a jira board ??

@odorajonathan can we have a look at the page you’re following and where exactly you dont understand ?? Be more specific about where you’re blocked from

Yes @mozzy am following this page, it says creating the jira homepage which I guess is the board. I need guidance creating the sprint board

have you had a look at this


@dkayiwa I can’t seem to create a new filter from the current following step 4 under this wiki guide

Why can’t you?

I don’t seem to have the option of creating a new filter, been looking around though. I can only add it as a favourite

Which part of number 4 are you on? Can you share a screenshot of what you have?

Part e. This is the screen

@odorajonathan ,youll first assign a uniform attribute to all those tickets ,say assign them a “Sync2” sprint or “Sync2” label, and then create a filter either




Just an exampe

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The labels were already created on those tickets as Sync2

but am seeing some tickets without a labels see

Ensure all tickets you wish to include in the sprint have a comon attribute. But you should also add a sprint tag to them anyway.

Now the easy way i can direct you to Create a filter

  • Click an already existing filter say “My open issues”
  • Edit the filter to a new filter e.g sprint="Sync2"
  • Then you should be able to save that filter , you will see some thing like “save filter” or something

Thanks @mozzy I’ll do that, although for now Jira seems to be down

@odorajonathan how far are you with this? Are we ready to start the sprint today?

Do you need any help from my end?


Yes it will be great to have you do the TPM role for this!


@odorajonathan you can also add me as you team member, ill do some work around. :grinning:

Yes @mozzy that’s fine

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Is the sprint ready? is anyone allowed to work on the tickets?