New Feature in BAHMNI to display Popup notifications

We have new requirement from one of our clients and would like to understand whether this requirement is currently being addressed by the community or thoughts on feasibility of addressing below ·

Need to create notifications or pop up messages for abnormal lab results, abnormal vital signs or notifications based on the values provided for certain concepts·

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Hi Teboho,

This talk thread is similar to the talk thread you created for Clinical decision support.

Below are the use cases we have for our client

  • Abnormal lab results - A pop-up message telling clinician to perform actions e.g. High VL “Call client for enhanced adherence counselling session”
  • Cervical cancer screening- -If a female client is entered into Bahmni and saved for a service other than cervical cancer i.e cervical cancer screening is not done, a pop-up message “refer client for cervical cancer screening” should show up.
  • Abnormal vital signs – A pop-up message for abnormal vital signs E.g. temperature of 38 degrees
  • TB Messages-- Pop message to remind provider to send client for sputum collection if the answer positive to any of the TB screening questions

Would like to discuss with you on your approach for CLinical decision support? Kindly let us know your availability to discuss further on the same. Thankyou.

Regards, Teja

Hi @tejakancherla,

We currently have this item on our backlog. We can have a call this week for further discussions concerning this topic. We can schedule the call for Thursday, 30th July 2020.

Regards, Teboho


Our client needs two types of Alerts/Notifications

Type 1- Alerts which needs to be displayed to Clinician when certain actions needs to be performed. For example Certain mandatory forms needs to be filled for every visit, so an alert needs to be displayed to clinician in program dashboard.

Type 2- Certain alerts needs to be displayed when certain conditions are fulfilled and this alerts should be displayed to clinician till certain action is performed. For example • Cervical Screening - Alerts to remind clinician to screen for Cervical Cancer for eligible women.

To address alerts of Type 1 - we would like to display a pop up message and once User clicks ok message will be disappeared

To address alerts of Type 2 - We are planning to add a new custom display control in program dashboard to display all Alerts and capture action of the user before stop displaying it in Display Control.

We would like to discuss about this in today’s PAT call

Hi All,

Attached is the document on the CLinical decision support technical proposal document based on the use cases for one of our client.

@som.bhattacharyya @pratibha Clinical Decision Support Proposal.docx (2.6 MB)

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I am really apprehensive about the approach. If this is a custom requirement that you are trying to satisfy using custom display control, then its upto you - no further comments.

IMHO, this can not be adopted as a generic approach for the product. We have discussed the approaches for such notifications many times in the PAT calls. IMO, that still stands, and a much better approach. To me, the suggestions are not notifications or popups - but rather some reporting for actions/display on the patient dashboard.

Hi, I am just replaying my understanding. Please correct me. The notification list style implementation a more generic and hence acceptable approach across implementations. I do think I understand where you are coming from.

Just for the sake of curiosity have you seen implementations ask for such message displays(notifications) before?

I am trying to understand if we can approach this as two things.

  1. The CDS which would facilitate the notifications list and also maintain the alerts store of the system.
  2. A way to define custom approach to display interactive notifications on demand. What if we had a pluggable way of doing it on the UI side ? Something which did not happen out of the box on Bahmni. Only if someone asked specifically for it.

I am saying as a custom display control may not be able to help us do the popups at different points of the workflow. It will be help to know if implementations have historically had such requirements and if so how did they work around them.


Hi Angshu,

Initially we thought of custom display control approach, However we later came up with General approaches for Clinical decision support. We have discussed about new approach in yesterday’s PAT call and Buvaneswari uploaded the analysis document in the Community drive.

Below is the link

Kindly take a look and let us know your thoughts.

Regards, Teja

@tejakancherla please make the document editable / enable comments. Currently, the link only allows me to view / download the doc.

Hi Akhil,

I need to request Buvaneswari to provide edit access.

@buvaneswariarun Could you please provide edit access, currently we are not able to edit.

Yes done. Kindly check and revert

@buvaneswariarun Thank you.

@akhilmalhotra1 Document is available in editable mode. Kindly check.

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Hi @tejakancherla, I’ve been thinking about your presentation at the PAT meeting last week. This requirements doc is really very interesting and clearly laid out. In my limited experience with Clinical Decision Support tools, here are two additional thoughts I’d suggest you keep in mind as the ideas for this feature continue to percolate (in addition to Angshuman’s insightful feedback):

  • Drafting Workflows: Non-technical users building rules tend to need a way to start working on those rules, and leave them unfinished or at least not-yet-deeply reviewed, and be able to return to them later to finish double-checking them before making the new rule or edits live. This is especially true if you’re dealing with rules that have many other rule dependencies; e.g. a single rule might depend on other scores or calculations, and thinking that through as a clinician is often a multi-session endeavor.

  • Testing Workflows: As a non-technical user, you also want a way to know that your rule is working as expected, ideally without having to go through a very long sequence of steps to reproduce the expected outcome. You might want to think through a future path where your users could test out the rule somehow, without having to create entire Test patients just to do so.

Not sure if this was the kind of feedback you were looking for at this point, but very interesting work!

Thank you so much for your inputs, Grace. Interesting inputs to make the life of the Non-technical users easy while using CDS. Surely will consider your inputs while we are working on the solution approach.

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