Need help in testing Odoo app integrated with Bahmni (0.92 alpha release)

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(Himabindu Akkinepalli) #1

We are here with Odoo integrated with bahmni on and odoo atom feed sync.

Bahmni Server URL -

Ceredentials are :- admin/admin

Please try it out and give us early feedback

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(Dimitri R) #3

This is great news, really happy to see this moving forward!

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(Stephen Otieno) #4

Glad to hear of the improvements @binduak whats the odoo version

(Stephen Otieno) #5

Figured it out, its Odoo V 10 but where can I get the release (0.92 alpha) wanted to test it on my server. @binduak

(Himabindu Akkinepalli) #6

Hi @stephencoduor, 0.92 Bahmni Alpha release doesn’t have odoo 10 changes. We will be doing 0.92 Bahmni beta release this week and this will have odoo packaged with Bahmni. Till then you can try out the odoo app hosted in

(Stephen Otieno) #7

@binduak thanks, looking forward for the beta release

(Stephen Otieno) #8

@binduak did you release the odoo beta version as had indicated , kindly share the link to download

(Rajashri Khobragade) #9

We are ready with Beta release. Please provide us feedback for odoo and bahmni integration

(Stephen Otieno) #10

@rajashri Thanks, Will give feedback

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(Angshuman Sarkar) #12

I just started checking the Odoo integration. Wanted to report a few things

  • Couldn’t find a easy way to define “currency”. I had to go to Settings => Companies => My Company => and then click this small link mentioned in the notes (Activate [here] a new currency before creating a new company) => Then activate the appropriate currency.Is there an easier path to do so?
  • I didn’t find any place under accounting to defined “fiscal year” and “Periods” like openerp? Is this not required? How will this effect reporting or other accounting aspects? In OpenERP not defining fiscal year and periods would throw up error during “Sale order” creation. Now it does not. So I don’t even know what repercussions it will have.
  • Default currency set is “Euro”? It used to INR.
  • No default shop like OPD, IPD, Pharmacy like before
  • seeing different with old quotation list view - like Provider, Discount Head, Care Setting, Village (or other address attribute), total outstanding (although outstanding I am not sure how its used)
  • Product by categories - can’t find product by categories listing
  • The categories themselves are different. It should have same hierarchies like older ERP.
Beta release - 0.92 (Platform upgrade + odoo integration)
(Laxman Manandhar) #13

In my installation, quotations in Odoo were not created when I ordered Lab and Medicines from EMR. Did I miss anything to configure ? What about other’s installation is it working ?

(Ramashish Joshi) #14 Create Sales Order, Confirm, Create Invoice shows this dialog box - Can it be avoided through settings?


Further click on Create Invoice shows -


In spite of setting Chart of Accounts based on a template the above warning shows up and invoice is not getting created at all


Has anyone done full cycle? ie Sales Order->Confirm->Invoice->payments and printing receipt?

(Angshuman Sarkar) #15

@ajeenckya @tanmayd can you please check?

(Sushil Patil) #16

I too was trying to test this, but the chart of accounts is not created yet. so not able to move forward.

Also, this step appears to be additional, does not come in current ERP sales order to invoice creation. Is there a way to avoid this? or make it faster?

(Ramashish Joshi) #17

ODOO Log shows

INFO odoo odoo.sql_db: bad query: INSERT INTO "account_invoice" ("id", "origin", "comment", "campaign_id", "journal_id", "currency_id", "team_id", "partner_id", "user_id", "discount_percentage", "reference_type", "company_id", "state", "type", "sent", "account_id", "reconciled", "move_name", "discount", "payment_term_id", "fiscal_position_id", "name", "disc_acc_id", "medium_id", "partner_shipping_id", "discount_type", "source_id", "create_uid", "write_uid", "create_date", "write_date") VALUES(nextval('account_invoice_id_seq'), 'SO012', NULL, NULL, 2, 21, 1, 8, 1, 0.0, 'none', 1, 'draft', 'out_invoice', false, 3, false, NULL, 0.0, NULL, NULL, '', NULL, NULL, 8, 'none', NULL, 1, 1, (now() at time zone 'UTC'), (now() at time zone 'UTC')) RETURNING id
(Ramashish Joshi) #18

Bug - Cannot create invoice.

Reason - In the earlier version (7.0) the sales order had char field for Shop in sales_order and it was not carried forward to account_invoice table but in this version (ODOO 10), both the sales order and account_invoice has shop_id field and it is mandatory. Further debugging shows that shop_id is not set while preparing the invoice.

Resolution - Add the following line in /opt/bahmni-erp/bahmni-addons/bahmni_sale/models/ after line #185


@ajeenckya @binduak

(Ramashish Joshi) #19

This change works for Create Invoice with “Invoiceable lines” or “Invoiceable lines (deduct down payments)”

But it fails for the other 2 options ie. Create Invoice with “Down payment (percentage)” and “Down payment (fixed amount)” are still not working.

This needs to be debugged further.

(Laxman Manandhar) #20

Is demo server same ?

It is down, Please let us know when its up.