Looking for volunteers for infrastructure team!

Hi everyone,

I’m part of OpenMRS infrastructure team, and we could definitively use some help!

The infrastructure team takes care of several different machines (wiki, talk, issue tracker, nexus, CI, ID, and others! https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/ISM/IT+Services+Provided ) and we perform all sort of infrastructure related tasks and user support too.

We are particularly looking for one or two volunteers willing to help us with our helpdesk and doing the first triage/level 1 support of user tickets (user access, whitelisting IPs, editing our website, …), and possibly helping restoring services.

Do you have some experience with SSH and linux servers? Some experience with user support? Maybe you are willing to spend 10-15 minutes per day triaging issues? Please send me a message so we can talk!

Also, if you have experience with ansible (or any other CM like puppet or chef) or system administration in general and wants to help us with infrastructure projects, by all means, send me a message.