How to contact infrastructure team?

Hi everyone,

This have been asked in different places, so let me put it all together in a single post.

How do I contact infra team about urgent requests? Please notify us on slack, #infra channel. That is a really good place to notify us about any outage or any software misbehaving!

We do have some monitoring, but sometimes we don’t realise there’s a problem.

How to I ask for access JIRA, wiki, problems with password, spammers or any other small thing? is the way! How do I get access to

We aim to answer all tickets in less than 48h, but remember we are all volunteers :slight_smile: If your ticket is taking longer than that, there’s a huge chance we are firefighting something and couldn’t yet get to your ticket.

I kindly ask you to not ignore our answers. When we ask for more information please don’t ignore it. Tickets without answers will be closed off due to inactivity.

What kind of stuff does infra team take care of? Take a look in . We do not have knowledge or even resources to help you with your OpenMRS installation, please use talk for that :slight_smile:

I’m helping assigning tickets in helpdesk, how can I add a ticket to infrastructure queue? Add it to group and category ‘IT service management’. We don’t usually assign cases to ourselves, but rather let whoever is online at the time to follow up the tickets. More details in Best communication medium between Helpdesk Managers and Infrastructure Team?

How can I start discussions about infrastructure? If it’s not urgent, a topic in this category will be seen. Feel free to ask us about how things are working, too!

How can I notify about security problems in infrastructure? Use security at email please.

How can I help? Glad you asked.


Thanks @cintiadr for this very nice writeup! :smile: Do you plan to have this on the wiki? Or should this be just enough? :slight_smile:

I didn’t think to put on the wiki, I felt that pinning this topic would be easier to find.

What would be your opinion? :slight_smile: I don’t want to duplicate it, because we’d probably forget to update one of them. Is there anywhere on the wiki you think someone would look for this info?