Volunteers wanted for OpenMRS Infrastructure Team!

Dear OpenMRS Community Members:

  • Are you interested in a new and different way to contribute to OpenMRS?
  • Perhaps you don’t have time or interest in getting involved in a development project?
  • Do you enjoy working with servers, middleware applications, IT infrastructure, etc.?

Consider applying as an OpenMRS Community Infrastructure Volunteer!

The OpenMRS Community Infrastructure Team is currently looking for additional volunteers to assist with its IT Service Management work. OpenMRS has a large number of servers, web applications, and tools that support the community in its work, and it takes the talent & skills of several volunteers to keep things running! We’re looking for one or two more volunteers to join our team. As a volunteer on this team, you may:

  • Help new community members with problems like creating accounts or accessing tools
  • Perform application maintenance tasks & upgrades on our web tools like Confluence, JIRA, etc.
  • Improve our goal of 24x7 system uptime by improving our monitoring services, responding to outages and restoring service
  • Help design and improve existing and new community tools to help people communicate, collaborate and get work done

If you’re interested in participating on the Community Infrastructure Team, please send a quick email to community@openmrs.org and include the following information:

  1. Your OpenMRS ID,
  2. What sounds interesting to you about this type of work,
  3. A short description of any experience working with and maintaining Linux servers and/or web applications, and
  4. Whether or not you’re willing to occasionally be “on call” to respond to urgent issues (for example, system outages) for no more than 1 week at a time

If you have general questions about the team or what it does, feel free to ask questions here in this topic. We hope to hear from you soon!


Hi, Michael

I’d sent my application, and it’s been quiet a long time. However, I’ve got no feedback, I’m wondering how the result goes.

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Hi @plypy … thanks for your patience! We had quite a few applications to review, but will be sending follow-ups by the end of the week. :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,

Was feedback only sent to the successful volunteers? I did apply but got no feedback.

Thanks and Regards Ronald Munjoma

For those people interested in volunteer leadership positions in our new Infrastructure organization, please check out this new announcement:

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